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Origin has blocked my frinds profile, I have never even played with him.

by ImTwinFish

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Origin has blocked my frinds profile, I have never even played with him.

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I have now tried reinstalling origin, clearing Origins cache in Appdata and Programdata. Clearing my browsers entire cache and restarted my computer and router multiple times. It will not let me remove him from my blocked friends, whether through the Origin app or through the website. Also cannot access the Origin website through Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, I had to use Microsoft Edge, with all security features turned off. (Unsafe and should not be necessary just to login to your garbage website.) I have looked up so many different forums and topics on things similar to this and it has been a problem since 2017. Now with all your Origin access subs and through games sales, you should have had enough money and manpower to fix these issues. Seriously thinking of unsubscribing over this as I just find these types or errors unbelievable. Especially after the fact that people still experience these issues years after they are discovered. I'm not even going to get into details of how bad the Origin app itself is. Constantly have to reinstall that GARBAGE thing. Please, help me resolve this issue. I just want to play your games with my friends. I'm not giving you guys my money so I can get the runaround and just sit at my computer reinstalling your apps and games constantly.

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