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Origin doesnt update

by arcaneshadow30

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Origin doesnt update

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Thanks in advance for reading, a few days ago there was an update to origin therefore it was needed to reset it so it can update ´´you are not connected until you reset origin and make the update´´. The thing is that i´ve reset it all the ways possible and it still doesn't update. 

Yes I have:

-Used the task manager to end any origin process before launching it again.

-Tried running it as admin.

-Logged out, closed and launched again.

-Activated the options to auto update on launch. 

-When it tells me to reset it i click the option it resets and still tells me to reset to make the update. 

Do you know what should i do? My last option i think is uninstalling and installing it again, but i want to know if there´s something i´m forgetting. 

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