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Origin Patch Notes

by EA_Straatford

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Re: Origin Patch Notes

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Version 10.5.74

We squashed bugs, fixed crashes, and made Origin that much better.

Version 10.5.73

We squashed bugs, fixed crashes, and made Origin that much better.

Version 10.5.72

We squashed bugs, fixed crashes, and made Origin that much better.

Version 10.5.71

We squashed bugs, fixed crashes, and made Origin that much better.

Version 10.5.70

We squashed bugs, fixed crashes, and made Origin that much better.

Version 10.5.69

We squashed bugs, fixed crashes, and made Origin that much better.

Version 10.5.68

We squashed bugs, fixed crashes, and made Origin that much better.

Version 10.5.67

We squashed bugs, fixed crashes, and made Origin that much better.

Version 10.5.66

We squashed bugs, fixed crashes, and made Origin that much better.

Version 10.5.65

We squashed bugs, fixed crashes, and made Origin that much better.

Version 10.5.64

We squashed bugs, fixed crashes, and made Origin that much better.

Version 10.5.63

We squashed bugs, fixed crashes, and made Origin that much better.

Version 10.5.62

We squashed bugs, fixed crashes, and made Origin that much better.

Version 10.5.61

We squashed bugs, fixed crashes, and made Origin that much better.

Version 10.5.60

We squashed bugs, fixed crashes, and made Origin that much better.

Version 10.5.59

We squashed bugs, fixed crashes, and made Origin that much better.

Version 10.5.58

We squashed bugs, fixed crashes, and made Origin that much better.

Version 10.5.57

We squashed bugs, fixed crashes, and made Origin that much better.

Version 10.5.56

  • Game patches no longer create temporary files that take up disk space. Some game patch files insisted on needing quite a bit of extra disk space, so we took them through the principles of decluttering.
  • Zapped bugs that prevented Yosemite Mac users from purchasing & downloading titles. The virtual Yosemite may be bug-free, but we can’t do anything about the real Yosemite Park.
  • Added a link for Origin’s Player Survey. Tell us about your experience gaming in your native language. It’s like a quiz, but you can’t fail!
  • Introducing extra-extra-safe mode! Make gaming friendlier or just give your eyes a break from the darker corners of the internet.

Version 10.5.55

We squashed bugs, fixed crashes, and made Origin that much better.

Version 10.5.54

We squashed bugs, fixed crashes, and made Origin that much better.

Version 10.5.52

We squashed bugs, fixed crashes, and made Origin that much better.

Version 10.5.51

We squashed bugs, fixed crashes, and made Origin that much better.

Version 10.5.50

We squashed bugs, fixed crashes, and made Origin that much better.

Version 10.5.49

We squashed bugs, fixed crashes, and made Origin that much better.

Version 10.5.48

We squashed bugs, fixed crashes, and made Origin that much better.

Version 10.5.47

  • Patch updates appeared stuck during the Preparing phase, but downloads are now running as intended: smoothly.

Version 10.5.46

  • Windows & Origin were vying for control over the “Run Origin when Windows Starts” setting, so we held a Light Cycle race to determine a winner. Origin’s orange Light Cycle won.
  • Game files affected by certain patches and updates can take up space on users’ drives, so we hired a gang of newsies to call out when your disk space is getting low. They may or may not break out in choreographed dancing & singing.
  • Ultimate Chicken Horse froze when users opened a browser window from the game menu (e.g. Twitter). We plugged all the space heaters, a toaster oven, and even an air purifier into the same power strip and Ultimate Chicken Horse is now unfrozen.
  • Users could not accept invites to a game they had quit after a partial download. Those games were given an etiquette lesson and are now much better hosts.

Version 10.5.45

We squashed bugs, fixed crashes, and made Origin that much better.

Version 10.5.44

  • Windows & Origin were vying for control over the “Run Origin when Windows Starts” setting, so we held a Light Cycle race to determine a winner. Origin’s orange Light Cycle won.
  • Game files affected by certain patches and updates can take up space on users’ drives, so we hired a gang of newsies to call out when your disk space is getting low. They may or may not break out in choreographed dancing & singing.
  • Ultimate Chicken Horse froze when users opened a browser window from the game menu (e.g. Twitter). We plugged all the space heaters, a toaster oven, and even an air purifier into the same power strip and Ultimate Chicken Horse is now unfrozen.
  • Users could not accept invites to a game they had quit after a partial download. Those games were given an etiquette lesson and are now much better hosts.

Version 10.5.43

We squashed bugs, fixed crashes, and made Origin that much better.

Version 10.5.42

  • Someone in the DJ booth has been switching on the “on air” sign all willy-nilly, tricking players into thinking they’re broadcasting gameplay when they’re not. We should’ve anticipated this kind of behavior when we hired a giant, robotic mouse for the job.
  • Players using the MacOS Mojave can now successfully build their own bundle of The Sims 4 and its various Packs without a hitch. We can’t guarantee your Sims’ adventures will go as smoothly.

Version 10.5.41

  • Because the only thing that should stand between you and timely downloads is figuring out which game to play next.
  • Some Macs didn’t handle rejection too well when in-game invites were declined, causing Origin to crash and sign users out. We thought it time to introduce the Macs to some breathing exercises.
  • How else are you going to brag about being the Champion?
  • No crashing. No blacked-out windows. Only what you want: more Sims shenanigans.
  • Some Origin notifications found themselves trapped in a time loop, with some alerts displaying for over 100 days. All nearby time travelers & tricksters have been relocated, and the notifications are working once more.
  • In the latest release, we implemented a security fix that included new defenses, like a bigger moat and cyber-enhanced archers.

Version 10.5.40

  • Some users were unable to make purchases with PayPal, but the issue has been fixed and all Origin purchases are in working order.

Version 10.5.39

  • We gave some devices (and ourselves) a much-needed caffeine boost as they were going to sleep in the middle of downloads & updates. Mmm, coffee.
  • The download progress bar got a little overzealous and showed users a message saying games were “Playable at XX%” during repairs. We gave the progress bar a Lite-Brite to play with instead so it can display “fun” messages in a more appropriate setting
  • Mirage took his illusion skills up a notch by messing with users’ hours logged in Apex Legends. He has a great power, but the man takes no responsibility. So we’ve taken away his clock privileges.
  • The Sims™ 4 Build Your Own Bundle needed a few more building blocks as it was not letting users scroll to the bottom of the page. Now the keystone, lintels, straws & bricks are all in place and the page is functioning properly.
  • Every time Origin Access Basic subscribers tried to re-add Battlefield™ 1 to their libraries after previously holding Premier subscriptions, some guy with super speed flashed by and took the game with him. We put tire locks on his shoes, so now users can add Battlefield™ 1 and play it, too.
  • The guy with super speed had some friends who infiltrated PCs, making it difficult to boot up Battlefield 4™ and Battlefield™ Hardline. The launch error has been fixed, and that’s the last time we hire supers as interns.

Version 10.5.38

  • Fixed Vault games not showing in Game Library if there was an un-opened gift of the same or higher edition of the game pending
    What’s the point of an awesome gift if you can’t find it? Un-opened gifted games now appear in a user’s Vault library.

  • Fixed Buttons on the Deals page not scaling when resizing client/browser
    We applied Pym particles to Origin shopping cart buttons so they now adjust on screen properly when resizing your browser or client.

  • Removed  notification bubble in the chat window after sending a message to another a friend 
    We popped that overzealous notification bubble that shows up in your chat window after sending a message to another friend.

  • Fixed being able to purchase The Sims 4 Seasons multiple times on the Review Order screen when purchasing other Sims titles via Sales pages
    You could buy The Sims 4 Seasons for yourself more than once but it really is a one-time purchase sorta thing, so we fixed an issue enabling users to buy the same thing over and over and over and over.

  • Fixed filter options and games from searches sometimes being unlisted
    We unclogged our filters so certain options and games correctly appear in searches again.

Version 10.5.37

  • Removed duplicate “Related Products” buttons from game pages
    We played around with one too many mirrors and caused “Related Products” and “You Might Also Like” recommendations to show up multiple times on game pages. The mirrors (and the doubles) have been removed & returned to the stranger who lives beneath the opera house.

  • Fixed links in sign-up flow
    The privacy links & policy documents in the Origin sign-up process got scrambled after someone rolled a 6 and sent a stampede through the site. We fixed the affected links, rolled a 10 and ended that wildly dangerous game.

  • Exterminated a voice call bug
    There was a bug where voice calls continued after the Chat Tab was closed. Disembodied voices belong only in haunted houses, so we saged the place and now it’s in working order.

  • Visibility of chat window arrows restored
    Enchanted arrows got mixed in with the arrows in active chat windows, causing them to disappear & preventing users from toggling. The boy responsible has collected his magic arrows & returned to hunting with his heavily tattooed father.

  • Apex installer enabled during downloads
    The Apex installer appeared disabled during downloads after Caustic dropped one too many nox grenades in the break room. The installer has been decontaminated and Caustic’s weapon pack will now be checked at the door.

  • Non-functioning setting removed from Voice Settings menu
    The Voice Settings menu displayed a Voice Chat Indicator setting that had no function. Mirage or phantom, the inert setting has since disappeared…spooky.

  • Default zoom setting now corresponds to window scaling
    Put away your monocles and opera glasses because we’ve got you taken care of: the zoom level is now automatically adjusted to fit your browser window size, even on 4K monitors!

  • Premier users’ game libraries show The Sims 4 Standard Edition
    It took dodging some spiky blades and other booby traps, but the game library now accurately reflects ownership of The Sims 4 Standard Edition for Premier users who own The Sims 4 Vault Edition. Take that, giant rolling boulder!

Version 10.5.36

  • Fixed overlapping Origin Access Basic and Premier icons on game pages
    The Premier & Basic badges got scrambled & overlapped when they flew in from the multiverse. The particle accelerator responsible for the little hiccup has been stabilized and all badges have returned to their rightful spots.
  • Fixed an issue on the Deals page when browsing the store menu
    While a title drawer was open, titles would disappear from the Deals page when resizing the browser window. The Deals page has since had a feng shui adjustment.
  • Fixed changing Origin window size to maximum causing a large blank space
    Maximizing the browser window caused the game library to display a lot of empty space. The page took Marie Kondo’s teachings too seriously but is now in working order.
  • Fixed a display issue on the Deals page when a filter and social hub were simultaneously opened
    The matching magnetic forces of the social hub & the filter short-circuited the Deals page, causing the display to go all haywire. The magnetic charges have been adjusted, and our magnet privileges have since been revoked.
  • Removed gaps between images on game pages
    A gremlin cut the hems too short on interstitial pages, leaving gaps between elements of the page. The pages have been taken in for alterations, but the lone gremlin remains at large.
  • Fixed Origin “Installed” filter not updating correctly
    The “Installed” filter in the game library was not displaying recently downloaded games and multiple editions correctly. The culprit? An amateur sorceress with a broken wand and a penchant for sleeping spells.
  • Fixed Deals Page displaying duplicate Titles
    A case of mistaken identity struck the Deals page and caused titles to display duplicate links with different descriptions. The reclusive scientist who lives down the way and has an interest in cloning swears he had nothing to do with it.
  • Fixed Origin game tiles incorrectly showing download complete status
    As a result of a checkmark surplus, the game library was incorrectly displaying checkmarks during the finalizing stage of downloads. The overzealous checkmarks have been removed and are now being stored for future downloads.

  • Resolved several miscellaneous bugs
    Our utility belt is well-equipped with repellent & traps to eradicate more bugs this week.

Version 10.5.35

  • Origin Access subscribers can be gifted DLC
    All Origin Access members can now receive gifted DLC from friends, family, significant others, BFFs, interdimensional beings and class V or lower spectral entities.

  • Ultima Online  DLC purchases no longer blocked
    We slayed the beast blocking players from completing their purchase of the Ultima Online King’s Collection Theme Pack after placing the DLC in their carts.

  • Issues with Final Hours of Titanfall DLC
    The Final Hours DLC no longer directs players to the main Origin Titanfall homepage and now appears in players’ libraries upon being purchased or added.

  • Origin Access landing pages 404
    We fixed the crossed wires causing lapsed offers to remain visible and linking to 404 error pages upon being clicked.

  • Entitling Titanfall DX Edition suppresses Titanfall tile
    You’re supposed to play hide and seek with your friends, not downloadable content. The Final Hours DLC will now appear in players’ libraries after adding Titanfall Deluxe Edition through their Origin Access membership.

  • Platform filter displays nothing
    We’ve put the release dates and times for upcoming titles back on their respective description pages, so you don’t have to glean into your crystal balls anymore for info. Psychic hotlines can be expensive!

  • Fixed bug relating to Origin\DownloadCache folder causing some users to be unable to install games
    We fixed an issue with the Origin/DownloadCache folder preventing some users from installing games.

  • FIFA points showing dupes in OGD
    FIFA 18 and FIFA 19 points no longer appear duplicated in the Virtual Currency section of your game.

  • Sales bundle page Most Popular not functioning
    We fixed an issue preventing the “Most Popular” sorting option from working on the Lunar New Year 2019 and Sims Anniversary Sale 2019 deals pages.

  • Party invite, auto reject upon timeout
    We fixed an issue causing party invites to be automatically rejected if not answered in time. Now your buddies won’t feel spurned and need a hug because you were in the middle of something and couldn't accept the request fast enough.

Version 10.5.34

  • Download/Finalizing bug
    We flushed out the pipe-clogging bugs creating issues with the downloading phase of game downloads and installations. Gone are the days of process bars being stuck at 100%
  • Misc bug fixes
    A bunch of bugs got torched while we tested out the thrusters on our javelin exosuits.

Version 10.5.33

  • Sims 3 university life download issue resolved
    Our graduate thesis was to fix the downloading troubles for The Sims 3 University Life. Now that that’s done, we’re going to go sleep for a year.
  • 404 issue when user clicks on a half-width on the store page
    A few tiles on the Store page had difficulty waking up from the winter hibernation, resulting in 404 error messages. Now, everyone has had their caffeine fix and is working much more efficiently.

Version 10.5.32

  • Sims Build Your Own Bundle now supports drawer layout design
    Because life moves pretty fast we’ve introduced a new drawer design that gives you everything you need to know in a clean, little dropdown when you click on DLC whenever there are awesome sales events. Ain’t nobody got time for new windows or tabs.
  • Added the ability to move and locate Origin games to different install locations
    Love having the freedom to move files from one place to another for fun or just to free up space on the ol’ computer then locate them after? We do too, and now you can move and locate your Origin purchases.
  • Optimized browsing
    We’ve made it way easier to do your homework and see what games are included in Origin Access Basic and Origin Access Premier membership.
  • Squashed a blank window bug
    Everyone hates drawing a blank. We fixed an issue where the Manage My Membership on-screen window opens up empty after clicking on the EA Account link.
  • Extra content subscription groups now populate in search feeds
    Origin Access subscribers will leave no stone unturned when searching for extra content like DLC, expansion packs and more as these items now appear in search feeds.
  • Issues purchasing Sims 3 DLC resolved
    We purged a small bug nest causing problems for those trying to purchase DLC for The Sims 3.

Version 10.5.31

  • We fixed an issue causing Premier exclusive game notifications to linger for a while, like that neighbor that always catches you between your car and your front door to just “say hi.”
  • Some dragons went on a team-building retreat causing all Fade to break loose and disrupt users’ ability to download free DLC packs for Dragon Age and Dragon Age 2. They’re back now and, being the tech-savvy ones, have restored the DLCs.
  • After downloading a game patch & restarting Origin, the play button would be grayed out. The inert gray portal that was the play button has since been scrapped, rebuilt, sonic screwdriver-ed and is now back in business.
  • We exorcised the ghosts that prevented The Count Lucanor from opening the Origin In Game.
  • Users encountered a bug where they couldn’t place voice calls. We swam to the bottom of the sea and reclaimed the stolen voices and calls from a sea witch and her moray eels.
  • Everything looks amazing in 4K. Except for crashes on startup. We worked out the kinks causing Origin to crash for some players with 4K monitors.
  • Don’t worry, we bagged and tagged the gremlins causing some games to start changing drive locations after users log out of Origin while repairing or locating another.

Version 10.5.30

  • We got rid of a bunch of real creepy crawlies that ran amok after we tried to use them as Halloween décor. We went a little overboard with our haunted house.

Version 10.5.29

  • We gave our ratings much needed dance lessons because they kept overlapping and stepping on toes of other content it shares the page with.

  • The download queue finished watching The Sopranos and decided to end its messages mid-sentence. The download queue has since agreed to display full messages as long as we make ziti and rewatch all 7 seasons with them.

  • Origin updates got some very necessary ninja training and will now be very, very quiet and work in the background when you start up Windows.

  • Imagine sampling an ice cream flavor, ordering it and being told they don’t have that flavor. The imaginary frustration you’re feeling was experienced by some users trying to upgrade from the Madden 19 trial to the full game. Both the full game and the hypothetical ice cream have been restored.

  • It’s that time of year to binge scary movies and the Origin Access banner is a more than a little jumpy, hiding when you come back from offline mode. We explained to the banner scary movies aren’t real and it’s not going anywhere.

  • Nope, you’re not experiencing déjà vu when changing your Origin Access membership plan from Basic to Premier, it was just a few nuts and bolts that needed some tightening.

  • The CTA on some DLC pages mastered being able to move so incredibly slow it became invisible to the naked eye. Okay, not really, but it is back where it belongs; nice and visible.

  • You may have noticed the awesome new layout making it easier to bundle games and DLCs at checkout. No bugs or anything, we refreshed that because we HEART you.

  • You know that face you have to practice when you’re gifted something you already own? Well, you won’t have to practice that because of Origin – we shook out some bugs that allowed friends to gift you stuff you already own.

Version 10.5.28

  • We found and patched up an Einstein-Rosen bridge that was zipping members to the Origin Access landing page when trying to upgrade from Basic to Premium. We really need to stop leaving our Mass Relays on when we’re done with them.
  • Libraries grow. That’s a fact of nature. We think your library should grow, too, which is why we zapped the bug that removed your ability to add games to your library.
  • The “Buy it Now” button was hiding behind some cover in Battlefield 1 and Battlefield 4. But, the coast is clear and it’s out of hiding.
  • Looks like the Need for Speed Speedcross expansions and DLC got a weren’t going anywhere when trying to purchase from a wishlist due to a flat tire. We busted out our jack and tire iron and it’s back on the road.
  • Scraps of an invisibility cloak fell onto The Sims 4 Seasons page, causing text bubbles to seemingly disappear when adjusting your browser’s window size. We collected the scraps and knitted a lovely beanie. Now where did we put it…
  • Little circles on the Deals page understand one thing and one thing only: circular motion. But a professor tried to explain to them that time is not circular...or linear. It was pretty complicated, so the circles temporarily short-circuited. We put on The Terminator, and they returned to their cycles.
  • There was a bug where, when signed out, you could still access “Manage My Membership.” Who do we suspect caused this? Ghosts. Ghost subscribers who come in, move the furniture, and turn down the thermostat. Their shenanigans were stopped by a curious film crew.
  • A masked villain tried to taunt his nemesis by leaving clues all over Origin. He’s not tech-savvy (or even good at his job), but he did make something go all screwy when you try to add friends a second time. The spat between caped hero and amateur bad guy has since ended.
  • The radio towers were misaligned and keeping users from connecting to EA servers when opening Battlefield™ V. We scoured the city rooftops, made sure all the satellite dishes were pointed in the right direction, and restored the connection. Who knew high-tech could be so simple?
  • The Sims 3 University Life was displaying different prices for different users. Much like college tuition, though, the price should be fixed, equal & preferably under thirty bucks. We think that’s fair.
  • Nothing’s worse than buying something and coming home to see you already HAVE three tubs of cookie dough in the fridge. That’s why we made sure you get a warning message when buying bundles for The Sims 4 with content you already own. Now, who wants cookies?
  • All game editions deserve love (which is why we own 4 different copies of Skyrim and people ask us why and it becomes this whole big thing). So if you own standard & deluxe editions of a game you should be able to play either, even if you’re a Mac user.
  • Our Thermian’s translator box broke when he was operating the control board, so he mistakenly waved a tentacle over the boar, causing suggestions for Premier edition titles to appear for non-Premier users when buying a game. His translations (and human form) have been restored.
  • The Average Joe android operating the search function kept opening pink cans of diet soda instead of opening games in a new tab. He’s been sent back to the distributor to work on his language skills.
  • When viewing in a window that’s not full-screen, the “Get the Game” button transformed into The Illusive Button. Thankfully, it was fixed before any Reapers could get involved.

Version 10.5.27

  • The subscriber information text decided to play hide and seek. We found it in the rafters and put it back where it belongs.

  • Some Terms and Conditions messaging got turned around and ended up in a completely wrong location. After giving it a better map it found its way back home.

  • We let a bunch of Sims intern for us and they added a few of the same product within itself in the Extra Content sections. We took their plumbobs away and fixed it.

  • Our Sims let us know it needed to be easier to create a shin dig using Game Packs and Stuff Packs, so we made sure to make it easier to take advantage of The Sims 4 BYOB options.

  • The Screenshots and Videos section cut in line making it impossible to see the MORE drop-down menu when clicked. After giving it a stern talking-to, it apologized and jumped to the back of the line.

  • We zapped some moths that got into Battlefield I causing it to clog up and not un-pause the game when in OIG.

  • A bunch of rowdy Krogans got into a brawl with some Turians, leaving some structural damage to a few Origin modals causing them to exit and crash. We got them to cool off, talk things out and fix everything they broke.

  • We’ve got the information you’ve been looking for. Game landing pages now show you if the game is available with’s Basic or Premier subscriptions.

  • Language isn’t a Sims’ strong suit, which is why no warning message would pop up when upgrading from The Sims 4 Limited Edition to Digital Deluxe Edition. It’s ok, Sims, we’ve got it from here.

  • We repaired some broken article links that were knocked loose by some plants trying to nail a horde of zombies.

  • We found some bugs, but they weren’t very cuddly or good on leash so we zapped ‘em.

Version 10.5.26 

  • Some gremlins moved things around causing the wrong messaging to display when trying to pre-download Battlefield V with Origin Access Premier. Our cryptozoologists wrangled them so our engineers could clean up their mess.
  • A tachyon surge caused a paradimensional rift to open, leaving some blank spaces on the Madden NFL 19 page. Both the portal and spaces have been closed.
  • Say goodbye to long load times and buggy results -’s filters now run on kyber crystals.
  • We had to clean up a bunch of necromorph corruption that clogged up the cogwheel when trying to upgrade games. We should have left that Unitology Marker where we found it.
  • We noticed the navigation bar kept vanishing after looking at Origin Access subscription information so we super-glued its feet to the ground to keep it from running off.
  • We fumigated some DLC mites that knocked out a few plugs preventing Origin Access Basic members from adding the DAI DLC to their account.
  • We fixed a wonky plumbob that tipped over and prevented users logged in with a child account from viewing their The Sims 4 DLC.

Version 10.5.25

  • We guess our linebackers got a little carried away but, don’t worry, the refs threw a flag so now nothing’s blocking your Play First Trial of Madden NFL 19.
  • Our cornerbacks caught and squashed a bug that was showing incorrect upgrade messaging.
  • We discovered and flattened a new species of insect, Refugium Decipio Aranea, that was putting out incorrect refund messaging.
  • We said ‘da svidania’ to some bugs causing issues with how Russian prices would display on
  • It turns out that jittery feeling we got from launching Premier wasn’t just from us being excited; so we shook out digital ants from our proverbial pants.
  • Our last cleanup left behind some icky, sticky, pulpy bug goo that prevented purchasing here and there, but we got some really good squeegees and cleaned up everything.
  • We found some weird, six-legged beetle looking things that loved to chew on Tiberium pages causing them to 404. We did some fumigating and they’re gone now. Whoopie!
  • Some ants got into our TOS links and moved a few characters around causing them to load incorrectly. After writing an angry letter to their queen the drones put things back and everything is working fine.
  • The Cloud Sync conflict error message had a little too much coffee causing it to overzealously pop up for some games. Don’t worry, we gave it a chill pill and now it’s working as it needs to.
  • Our engineers rubbed a magic lamp and asked a genie to nix some bugs preventing users from removing things from their wishlist.
  • We sprayed some pesticide on some creepy crawlies that made it hard to bundle titles here and there. Now you should be able to add bundled title purchases without any problems.
  • Our boots are super slimy after squashing a bunch of bugs that removed Premier specific Vault games from the Vault list.
  • We saw you were having trouble viewing your library after adding a Play First Trial and trying to see it in your collection. We found, caged and sent the insectoid culprit up river.
  • We called in a raid on all those bugs who crashed your Origin Access Premier party to better your good times.

Version 10.5.24

We cleaned up a nest of bugs after they got into some lab equipment causing a slight telepod mix up that cronenberged a few employees. We got them sorted out - all good now! 

Version 10.5.23 

  • Our search feature really wanted to display game results in English…which is great for folks who understand English. It's not so great for those who don't. After a little tinkering, it's back to it's normal, multi-lingual self.
  • Added an "Are you really sure?" message for when you hit "Cancel" while installing the client. Great for those times when your button-clicking finger is moving a little bit faster than your brain.
  • Have your Mass Effect 2 DLC downloads been stalling out lately? We sent Garrus over to perform some calibrations and get things working properly again. Now you can take on the Shadow Broker, team up with Kasumi, investigate that mysterious Cerberus base and more!
  • We squashed a bug that was making players' achievements pages look a little bland. Now the game art's back where it belongs - making your achievements look even more stunning!
  • Some of our text badges were wandering off their game tiles and following players around from page to page. We left a trail of (virtual) breadcrumbs to lead them back home again.

Version 10.5.22

  • We know our game trailers want all your attention, but our screenshots were getting jealous. So now the arrows to slide from video to screenshots respond after you've clicked the “Watch the Trailer” button and want to peruse through a gallery.
  • Safari users can now add STAR WARS™: The Old Republic™ to their wishlist to be ready for the day when they find a magic lamp or a special someone makes their wishes come true.
  • We've optimized our installation process to make it better…stronger…faster…less cluttered. Ok, mostly less cluttered.
  • Let your loved ones know they can sleep peacefully now that we’ve stomped on those creepy crawly bugs that webbed up some DLC and kept some downloads stuck at 0%. They mostly come at night. Mostly. Welp, not anymore.
  • If you experience the visual equivalent of a 4.5 on the Richter scale every time you tried to scroll down The Sims 4 Build Your Own Bundle page, we apologize. Our engineers have done some behind-the-scenes seismic reinforcement to keep those pages nice and stable from now on.
  • A knotty little bug was making it tricky to add the Unravel Two trial to your game library. It took some time to untangle, but we managed to weave together a solution.
  • Our +2 Sword of Bug Smiting got a good workout this week as we sent a bunch of those little pests to their just rewards. Now Origin looks better, runs smoother and takes you where you want to go faster. And we racked up some sweet XP - next level, here we come!
  • If you renewed your Origin Access membership recently you may have noticed that either or the Origin client wasn't getting the message…at least not without a reload. We've improved their communication skills so now they both recognize you as one of our awesome members - no reload required.
  • We've optimized some of our trial messaging so the right words get to the right people at the right time. It just seemed like the right thing to do.

Version 10.5.21

  • The "Learn More" button for the FIFA 18 trial was super broken. Like take-you-to-an-Error-404-dead-end broken. Now it's super fixed. Like take-you-where-you-want-to-go fixed.
  • We thought you might want to scroll through the videos and images on the Play First Trial page so we fixed the buttons that will let you do that.
  • If you're an Origin Access member and you tried to play a Vault game offline recently you may have seen a "Your membership has ended" message. It hasn't, so we turned that off. Sorry if we accidentally spiked your blood pressure there.
  • Warning messages only work if you see them. Now we've made sure you can. So the next time you try to download a game to a full hard drive or invalid folder, you'll know why and what to do about it.
  • Did you feel a great disturbance in Origin? As if dozens of bugs suddenly cried out in terror and were just as suddenly silenced? That was entirely thanks to our brilliant engineers and not that huge space st-…we mean, moon. Definitely a moon

Version 10.5.20

  • Do you have DLC hanging around on your wishlist that shouldn't still be there? And did you only find out about it because friends told you that they can see it but can't gift it to you? Were you deeply confused? Not gonna' lie, we were too, so we spent some time investigating and fixing this weird little bug and now the DLC you already own won't be cluttering up your wishlist anymore.
  • We noticed that extra content in the download queue just kept right on downloading even after the base game had been uninstalled. We admired their never-say-die attitude, but this was going a bit too far. From now on if you uninstall a game the DLC downloads are canceled immediately.
  • Mac users who've tried to install the client recently have spoken of a restless spirit lingering on their screens. This helper tool "Permission Required" pop-up stubbornly refused all attempts to dismiss it. Luckily, we've reworked the summoning spell on that particular apparition so now instead of haunting your screen for all eternity, it can be banished with the simple click of a button.
  • We squashed bugs, fixed crashes, and made Origin that much better.

Version 10.5.19

  • Now you can add The Sims 4 Digital Deluxe Edition to your bundle on our Build Your Bundle page instead of just the Standard Edition. If you've ever wanted to create a Sims rave at a tiki bar, and save money doing it, this is your lucky day.
  • What happened to some of those crash bugs, stability problems and performance issues that have been hanging around here lately? Well, we sent them away to live on a nice farm…upstate, where they can run and play. We're sure they'll be much happier there.
  • Do you love Ubisoft games? Would you like it if buying and playing them on Origin was a little easier? It's your lucky day! Now you can to connect your Ubisoft Account and EA Account with just a few clicks. Isn't technology great?
  • Improved the Origin client's stability so it no longer throws a tantrum and stalls out when you try to shut down Windows - because nobody likes a big crybaby.
  • We were told to post the following: "We've made some changes to reflect the requirements of the new General Data Protection Regulation in the EU". And we did it. Why? Because you don't tug on Superman's cape. You don't spit into the wind. You don't pull the mask off that old Lone Ranger and you don't mess around with EU regulations.

Version 10.5.18

  • Our system really doesn't handle paradoxes very well. Case in point, if a game is both On the House and in The Vault members have been getting a "Whoops" error when they try to add it to their game library. It's all fixed now, but please nobody tell Origin about Schrödinger's cat.
  • If you've received multiple gifts and want to open them even faster, now you can with the "Open Another Gift" button. If instant gratification is not your thing and you'd rather prolong the suspense please feel free to ignore it.
  • Do you like to watch videos or look at images on our game pages without having part of the media viewer cut off? We do too, so we tinkered with the scaling functionality. Now no matter how wide your screen is you can still see the whole picture.

 Version 10.5.17

  • Origin Access members who bought Sims packs recently may have noticed our system prompting them to buy the base game too…even though it's already in The Vault. Sorry about that. From now on, no more sales pitches for games members can download and play whenever they want.
  • We'd like to let everyone who received the error message "We can't seem to find that gift" know that we have, in fact, found the gifts. A hamster-based gift delivery system may not have been our wisest choice. We've learned our lesson - it's squirrels for us from now on.
  • The Details button on game extra content is working once more. Now you can read all the words. All of them!
  • Our notification assembly line was getting jammed up when players were unlocking more than 3 achievements at a time. We built it a nice new queue to keep things humming along smoothly from now on.
  • The Origin Helper service has been a little less than helpful recently, at least on PCs. Switching it on in Application Settings seemed to work, it even showed a nice little message saying it was working, but without a client restart it was all an illusion. Fortunately, our team saw through the smoke and mirrors and got that slacker back on the job - no restart required.
  • Clicking "Cancel" on a window shouldn't cause your download queue to have a complete panic attack and get jammed up. Unfortunately, that's exactly what was happening to our Mac users who tried to download games requiring external installation applications. After a little work (and a lot of therapy) the download queue is calm, cool and working normally again.

Version 10.5.16

  • The download manager needed some serious attention this week: the progress bar wasn't displaying properly for games with progressive installation, some of the controls weren't clearly labeled and if you made your Origin client window very small the download manager would shove the profile tile on top of the notifications tile. The bar's been tweaked, we used our label maker to take care of the buttons and gave the download manager a stern talking-to about respecting others' personal space.
  • You can now resize Origin chat windows when they're popped out, instead of having to accept whatever default size they feel like being that day.
  • Have your text-to-speech messages sounded alittlelikethisrecently? It's hard to hear anything when people are talking too fast or interrupting each other, so we've slowed things down a bit. Now messages should sound more like a conversation and less like an auction.
  • Now the Origin installation window shows off more recent games in its image loop, because we love our children and want to brag about them.

Version 10.5.15

  • If you tried to purchase BioWare DLC recently you weren't seeing double - our system was duplicating purchases. The glitch has been fixed, but if you believe you were affected please visit and click "Contact Us" to speak to one of our advisors.
  • Origin will now run in the background on system start-up - that means it can sign you in, install updates and more without throwing a sign-in or update window in your face.
  • Origin no longer turns game art in your library into gray blocks when you load a game (because it thought you weren't looking).
  • After broadcasting on Twitch you might want to grab a snack or take out the trash before someone reminds you *again*. In the past, when you tried to change your status from "Online" to "Away" Origin wouldn't let you. We've addressed its separation anxiety, so feel free to go do what you need to do. And can you grab us a soda while you're up?
  • Origin is supposed to sign you into the Origin forums automatically when you visit from the client, but for a while, it was making you sign in manually out of paranoia and/or laziness. Whichever it was, we fixed it.
  • When you earn a bunch of achievements you probably want to know it. Unfortunately, our notification system gave up after telling you about just one. We hung a few motivational posters around the office, gave the system a good old-fashioned pep talk and it's now brimming with team spirit. It can't wait to tell you all about every last one of your latest achievements.
  • You might've noticed that scrolling on Origin with your Mac trackpad has…been…a…little…slow. Well, we noticed too and gave the scrollbars an espresso or two. They're moving a whole lot faster now.
  • The old "one to open, one to keep in the box" rule doesn't really apply to digital games, so we figure when you buy the same game twice it's a mistake. Now Origin knows that too, so it stops you if you accidentally try to buy a lower edition of a game you already own.
  • What do Ouija boards, the Voyager space probes and our game invite system have in common? All three were attempting to reach the unknown. We can't be sure about ghosts, or aliens, but we do know that offline players absolutely can't join your game, no matter how many times you invite them. Now the system knows it too.

Version 10.5.14

  • We geared up and went full exterminator on bugs of all sorts - bugs that rearranged pages, broke buttons, twisted up text or just wouldn't let you do what you wanted to do. We squished them all with extreme prejudice.

Version 10.5.13

  • We squashed bugs, fixed crashes, and made Origin that much better.

Version 10.5.12

  • Has your Mac been running a little rough on Origin lately? We've made it easier for you to share diagnostic information with our advisors so they can pop the hood, take a look and get you back to your games faster! Just click Help and select the Origin Error Reporter to get started.
  • Running an older version of OSX? Wondering why you couldn't download the latest version of Origin? Sorry about that. Our system was supposed to offer up information about no longer supporting OSX 10.7 or 10.8 and where you could download an older version of Origin. It wasn't just supposed to leave you hanging. It's all fixed now so start your downloads!
  • Now you can see if your friends are online or not even if their real name appears on your friends list, because apparently, Origin couldn't handle that level of intimacy for a while.
  • The scroll bar on download queues seemed to get stuck going in only one direction. We added the coding equivalent of a little WD-40 and now it's back to moving up and down smoothly.
  • If you've poked, prodded, tapped and jabbed at the "Add to Order" button on our bundles page to no avail, we apologize. Now if you try to add a bundle to your order from your phone or touchscreen device, a single, gentle touch should suffice.
  • Now you can shut your PC down normally even when Origin is on the sign-in page without bringing the whole process to a screeching halt.
  • The download option went AWOL in some users' game libraries. We sent out the MPs, gave it an official reprimand and now it's back on duty.
  • Searching for a game with a number in its title briefly deleted the "View All in your Game Library" option. Now it's fixed and you can marathon every single Ultima game with ease.
  • You know who hates loading spinners? Everyone. Now Origin uses progressive loading to save your hair from needless load-time-related tearing.
  • If you own an edition of a game that's not sold on Origin anymore (say, Ultimate Cheese Rolling 18: Pre-Oaxaca Edition) Origin used to assume it's gone forever and let you buy a lower edition of the same game (like Ultimate Cheese Rolling 18: Standard Edition). We fixed Origin's edition recognition so you don't accidentally part with your hard-earned cheddar.
  • When you get a chat message from a friend it's nice to be able to, you know, read it. That's tough to do when the message bar keeps butting in and blocking both the text and the scrollbar. After a little tinkering, Mac users can now keep the conversation flowing smoothly.
  • We made it easier to clear away the Install Complete message in your download list so you can keep that queue squeaky clean.
  • One of our users helped us track down a particularly tricky bug that only occurred when a single user created a bunch of Origin IDs. Like a spy with a suitcase full of passports, this user went undercover - so deep undercover that Origin no longer displayed any of their IDs. Now you can be a secret agent with multiple identities and still appear throughout the site.

Version 10.5.11

  • Some Origin Access members have reported missing extra content info in their game libraries. Fortunately, the descriptions and game images have been found safe and sound and returned to their rightful owners.
  • As long as you didn't own a particular game (say, Extreme Space Ping Pong: Revelations), you could buy the same DLC pack for that game (say, ESPPR DLC Hat Pack) over and over again ad infinitum. We figured that was not, in fact, a thing you wanted to do, so now you can only buy that pack for yourself once.
  • It's the thought that counts, but we figure you still want to actually get your Origin gifts, so we fixed the button that lets you download them.
  • Origin on Mac used to get groggy and require a restart if your system went to sleep for more than 15 minutes. We gave it a few shots of espresso to wake it up.
  • Origin used to pretend that everything was under control when it got a cloud sync error and wouldn't tell you about the problem. It's more open and communicative now.
  • Triangles are awesome, one of our all-time favorite shapes. But they're not so great when they block half your window. Especially when you're trying to play some of the SteamWorld games. We've…ironed this issue out.
  • Need for Speed Payback fans, The House hasn't been messing with your cloud saves. That was on us, sorry. Now you should be able to get back to your cartel-fighting, street racing and car chases without any more cloud save problems.
  • Origin now actually accepts MyCard like it was supposed to all along, instead of replying to MyCard purchases with a cryptic error.
  • Our game invites wouldn't take "Yes" for an answer and stuck around way longer than they should have. We told them you don't have to go home but you can't stay here.
  • If you were trying to buy some Need for Speed Payback Speed Points and you got nothing but red lights you'll be happy to hear the fast lane is now re-opened. Hit the gas and grab all the Speed Points you want.
  • You used to be able to set your Origin in-game menu shortcut to just Shift...and then open and close the menu over and over again by typing normally. Whoops. Unplugged that one.
  • Steamworld Dig is a good-looking game, and now your fans can see that for themselves because Origin doesn't display a black screen when you try to stream it anymore.
  • Some of our extra content has not only been budging to the front of the download queue, they're also making it tough to then download the base game. We took care of that because it's all about that base, 'bout that base, 'bout that base game.
  • You didn't really need to see that download start, did you? That's what Origin thought, so it would bring you back to the top of the page any time you clicked 'Download' on a tile in your game library. Now it lets you stick around.

Version 10.5.10

  • Text-to-speech is now available for Origin chat messages!
  • The Origin game launcher got a tune-up so now launching games is smooth like butter.
  • Origin no longer crashes if you open and close Farming Simulator 17 or Syberia 3 multiple times in the span of a few minutes. So click away!
  • Origin used to be convinced that you would never ever, ever, ever, ever, ever change your mind when you declined a party invite so it would deactivate the “Join party and game” and “Join party” buttons. We took away it’s button-breaking privileges.
  • We tuned Origin's focus capacitors so it stops zoning out and forgetting to process in-game purchases.
  • About to miss the bus? Need to leave for work? Discover that the aliens are homing in on your position and you won’t let them take you alive? Now Origin always closes when you tell it to and does it faster, so you can shut your computer down and get the heck out of here.
  • Your real name will now appear on any gifts you send if you set it up that way, so you get full credit for how freaking awesome you are.
  • Really love Ubisoft? THQ Nordic? Some revolutionary indie publisher only you know about? Now you can click on the name of the publisher on a game page and go somewhere only the two of you exist.
  • Origin was trying to start drama by telling players that their friends were revoking game invites, when really their friends had just left the games they were playing. We had a talk with it and it's very sorry.
  • The base game should always be at the top of the download queue, but sometimes DLC would get a little unruly and cut in line. "But we have friends at the top of the queue," they said. "Back of the line," we replied.
  • Now when you try to friend someone after reaching the maximum, Origin will helpfully pull up your friend list so you can see if you want to swap your new buddy in. Also, 2000 friends? How are you this popular?!
  • Some people hate spiders. Our system apparently hates a trailing parenthesis in game install paths. Seemed kind of silly to us - when's the last time you walked into a trailing parenthesis web, or had a trailing parenthesis drop out of the sky onto your head? That's right, never. We put 'em back in. The parentheses, not the spiders. *shudder*
  • We figured you want to see the whole web sign-in window when you go to use it, not just parts. So we made the frame bigger.
  • Until now, resizing your browser window while in your game library broke your ability to add new games. We figure you like buttons that work, so we fixed that.

Version 10.5.9

  • Credit where credit is due, we've started displaying the names of players who make our featured Sims custom community content. Now everyone can see how creative/stylish/terrifying our creators are.
  • It’s a BYOG (Bring Your Own Games) party on Origin – we’ve made about a million improvements to the friends list so it’s even easier to party up with your pals.
  • We fixed the “Show Origin after gameplay” function so if you have it turned off, the Origin client doesn’t get all snarky and turn into a blank screen.
  • We figure if you're trying to install Origin it means you want to install Origin, so we removed the prompt that said hey you're installing Origin before you install Origin.
  • Heads up Windows XP or Vista users, your current version of the Origin client (9.12) requires a security update. You'll need to uninstall it then install the new one ASAP. Failure to do so will lead to a loss of functionality, including the ability to log into the client. Just point your browser (Chrome or Firefox only) at to grab the updated version.

Version 10.5.8

  • If you right-click on the Origin icon in the systems tray, you expect it to do something even if you’re offline, right? Well, it didn’t use to but now it does. That’s fixed and will no longer disappoint your clicking expectations.
  • When the language was set to Japanese, the Origin installer would get a case of the hiccups and display Chinese characters instead of Japanese. We snuck up behind it and scared it. Hiccups cured!
  • The center of the screen is no place for the friends list, so we had the Origin In-Game overlay slide it over to the right, to the right.
  • There was an issue where the Great Game Guarantee refund period would start once you installed a game, rather than the first time you play it. No more false starts here!
  • Sims thrive in communities. So it helps that some Sims product pages are no longer missing the community creation section.
  • We explained to the search bar that games don’t just pop into existence when pre-orders start, so now you’ll find games that aren't on sale yet if you go searching.
  • We fixed the screenshot viewer so it disappears when it should instead of sticking around and being an attention hog.
  • You know how we sometimes have big, full-page announcements on Origin? They somehow made games from the Store disappear. Those games have returned with tales of strange, faraway servers.
  • The Invite button in the Invite Friends window was shy and use to hide off screen so nobody could socialize; we’ve moved it so it isn’t such a party-pooper anymore.
  • We stopped text from overlapping throughout Origin because you're not always in the mood for word puzzles.
  • We convinced the game rating hover that it isn't supposed to block the "Add to wishlist" and "Buy for myself" menu options. Yes, it's fine, we see you.
  • The Origin client used to play a lame prank where it would say you weren’t online even if you were. We told it to get better material.
  • We're working on vanquishing error 9:0 so Origin doesn’t go to pieces when it has to complete an installation or an update.

Version 10.5.7

  • We gave the Origin Access Vault page a tune up and threw some confetti over the whole thing. Now it has a better recommendation engine, a Coming Soon section and new tabs to help you identify what fresh games are about to consume your life.
  • Nobody puts the FPS counter in a corner. Okay, everybody does that, but no longer! Now you can change the size and transparency of the FPS window, and we made the counter lighter on its feet so it can handle frame spikes gracefully.
  • Some Origin Access members might notice the Origin Access menu teleported to a new spot in the navigation. That’s working as intended, and we’ll get back to you when we’re done tweaking the matter converter.
  • We had a few Origin Access trials that were so excited to become full games that they broke everything. We calmed them down and cleaned up the mess.
  • Called the exterminator on a few pesky 404s.
  • The download manager sometimes had control issues and wouldn't let you reorder games in your queue. We've gotten it to behave.
  • Now when you save your web settings, the Origin web helper really saves them instead of forgetting they exist.
  • We made sure Origin stays open when you receive an important message, instead of staying minimized when you launch a game.
  • When you customized your settings to show Origin after closing a game, the client use to only do so when it felt like it. Now it gets that you mean all the time.
  • We tweaked our notifications so that when they say a game is available, clicking on the message will allow you to download the content. Because nothing should get between you and a new game.
  • Origin carousels were lying down on the job for a while and not loading properly. They’ve now seen the error of their ways and gotten back to work.

Version 10.5.6

  • We squashed bugs, fixed crashes, and made Origin that much better.

Version 10.5.5

  • Give all your hard drives some love – now when you start a game download, you can pick which hard drive you want to save the data to. We won’t tell the others.
  • We’ve been working on our mind-reading skills, and figured you won’t want to keep Angry Space Lizards 3 Standard Edition on your wishlist when you buy Angry Space Lizards 3 Deluxe Edition. Now we wipe those redundant games away.
  • Network errors used to give the Origin store checkout brain freeze and break everything. We warmed the whole thing up and fixed the problem.
  • For a while we forgot to warn you if you were about to buy a bundle that included a game you already owned. *Hiss* our bad. Now that’s fixed and we’ve got you covered again.
  • Some modals used to go bonkers in offline mode. Now they don’t.
  • Chat windows used to have a tantrum and hide permanently when you popped them out and minimized them. We gave them a stern talking to and fixed the issue.
  • You’ll get an error if you try to buy SPEED points offline, but for a while we were showing you the wrong error message. We dealt with that and saved us all from Errorception.
  • If you owned Angry Space Lizards 4 Deluxe Edition and your friend owned the Standard Edition, Origin used to say your friend’s game would shut down if they accepted a party invite from you. We fixed that and officially ended the party crashing threats.
  • We tweaked mobile users’ recommendations so we don’t suggest they pre-order released games. Because as far as we know, you’re not time travelers.
  • We changed the layout of the add-on store to make stuff easier to find. Now you’ll never miss another Angry Space Lizards 5 DLC pack.
  • We used to let you buy add-on content and go on your merry way, even if you didn’t own the main game. Now we make sure to give you a head’s up.
  • If you owned Angry Space Lizards and tried to purchase multiple consumables/currency packs, you would get an error saying you did not in fact own Angry Space Lizards. Error, thou art banished.
  • No one likes a vanishing act, so we fixed an issue that caused some titles to go missing from the game library in offline mode.
  • If you tried to purchase a bundle that included a game you already owned, you would get a message saying you owned every version of that game. But now the bug has been unbungled.
  • Discount prices weren’t showing up on certain tiles in the store because they just didn’t feel like it. Thankfully, they have since had an attitude adjustment.
  • We believe no pixel should be left behind. In expanded windows, we've resized promotional images so they are no longer cut off on the top and bottom.
  • Sometimes you can have too much of a good thing, like play buttons. Mobile users no longer see two play icons on videos in My Home.
  • If you preordered Angry Space Lizards Deluxe Edition, you could not access the Play First Trial of Angry Space Lizards Standard Edition. That was our collective bad.
  • Users in Brazil used to see a welcome message saying their subscription would end on “invalid date.” This has been fixed. We consulted our in-house time travelers, and they assured us “invalid date” is not a legitimate point in time.
  • We squashed bugs, fixed crashes, and made Origin that much better.

Version 10.5.4

  • Olá! Origin Access is now available in Brazil!
  • You asked and we delivered - Origin Access members can now add Vault games directly to their game library from their wishlist.
  • We disabled the button to initiate a new voice chat with someone when you’re already talking to them.
  • We fixed an issue that stopped you from joining a party from your friends list if an overzealous notification was on display. Begone, attention-seeking post-it.
  • We dealt with an issue that made you show as invisible after returning from offline mode – and not in a cool superhero way.
  • We fixed an add-on issue so you're no longer asked how you want to pay when you snag free add-on content. Free really does mean FREE.
  • We banished an error that caused some add-on items to show up more than once. We won’t have any doppelgangers in this house.
  • Repaired three issues that could cause the Origin client to crash.

Version 10.5.3

  • Added better error messaging and a suggested remedy when Origin can't be installed due to a locked file or process.
  • Repaired a problem with the Origin In-Game display not appearing after a user switched window focus.
  • Repaired an issue with Play First Trials that temporarily prevented users from playing if they launched the game multiple times a day.
  • Made sure French users' custom gift messages are now displaying correctly.
  • Fixed a problem with On the House games not loading correctly on the landing page.
  • Fine-tuned some bug fixes and took a few new performance optimizations out for a spin.

Version 10.5.2

  • Added new features to My Home. Now you can launch up to 4 recently played games from the top of My Home.
  • Updated the Origin client embedded browser - expect faster browsing and improved memory usage.
  • Revamped My Home page for users without any games…yet.
  • Created new notification options and added a notification center to the main nav menu. You will now receive an alert when you get a gift, when a game you’ve pre-ordered is ready for preload and when a new game has launched. More will be coming in the future, so keep an eye out!
  • Fixed an error preventing users from adding items to their Origin wishlist through The Sims official site. Wish away!
  • Fixed a bug that stopped Ctrl+Alt+numeral commands from switching chat tabs.
  • Fixed an error that stopped visual and audio notifications from working when a game finished downloading. Now you’ll always know when it’s time to play.
  • Fixed an issue that stopped videos on product pages from playing on first click for some users.
  • Improved error messaging when a user goes offline during checkout in the Origin store.
  • Reminder: Origin will stop supporting macOS 10.7 and 10.8 on August 28. If you're using either of these versions you'll need to update your OS to continue using all Origin features.
  • Shooed away some other pesky bugs.

Version 10.4.17

  • Gifting is now available in Brazil. Start making your wishlists!
  • Fixed a bug causing purchasing errors for Korean users who access the Origin site via Internet Explorer 11.
  • Improved experience for users who check “Keep me signed in” on Origin client sign-in screen.
  • Streamlined automatic Origin client updates for users who have opted in.
  • Update: Origin will stop supporting macOS 10.7 and 10.8 on August 28. If you're using either of these versions you'll need to update your OS or you will lose important Origin functionality.

Version 10.4.16

  • In your game library expansions tab, it's now possible to click on the content tile art for more information on each product.
  • The Origin taskbar icon will now light up and blink to alert you to an incoming voice call.
  • General improvements to the Application Settings page make customizing your Origin experience better.
  • Page loading issues have been reduced when the Origin client has been left running for long periods of time.
  • Origin will stop supporting macOS 10.7 and 10.8 on September 19. If you're using one of these versions you'll need to update it or you will lose important Origin functionality.

Version 10.4.14

  • Download throttler improvements have been made. If you start playing a progressive install game that hasn't finished downloading, it will be excluded from throttling.
  • Keyboard navigation in chat has now been fixed - great news for those who prefer keyboard commands to mouse and mousepad.
  • General bug fixes and performance improvements are now all yours - because you deserve nice things.

Version 10.4.13

  • You asked, we answered - this week was all about listening to your feedback and implementing some of the features you want most, plus fresh quality of life improvements:
  • Download speeds can now be throttled--players get to decide how much bandwidth a game download should take up, both when they're playing a game and when they're not.
  • An FPS meter (for tracking frame rate) is now accessible in-game, so game settings can be optimized.
  • Interface improvements had been made to the party invite system.
  • Friend recommendation bug fix to update "You have [#] friends in common" dialogue.
  • Clicking a friend tile now redirects to their profile.
  • Networking performance and load time improvements.
  • And, as always, miscellaneous bug fixes and performance improvements to make your life better.

Version 10.4.12

Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements.

Version 10.4.11

Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements.

Version 10.4.10

Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements.

Version 10.4.9

  • Updated social interface for better game invite display.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements.

Version 10.4.8

  • Improved Origin stability during video card driver updates.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements.

Version 10.4.7

  • Added new functionality allowing Origin to perform silent background updates when the computer has been idle.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements.

Version 10.4.6

  • Added friend recommendations to My Home.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements.

Version 10.4.5

  • Modified Origin installer behavior to always add "\Origin" to custom install locations.
  • When Origin is installed in a generic system folder uninstalling Origin will no longer delete the entire folder.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements.

Version 10.4.4

  • Added support for fullscreen video (PC only)
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements.

Version 10.4.3

  • Added support for 4K and other high DPI scaling resolutions.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements.

Version 10.4.2

Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements.

Version 10.3.5

  • Added the SwiftShader renderer which expands Origin's support for older video cards.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements.

Version 10.3.3

Miscellaneous bug fixes.

Version 10.3.2

  • Added the ability to buy and send gifts to other users.
  • Added the ability to create and share a personal wishlist.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes.

Version 10.3.1

  • Improved cloud save sync conflict message behavior.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes.

Version 10.2.2

  • Fixed an issue where notifications were making parts of the screen unusable for some users.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes to improve performance and stability.

Version 10.2.1

  • Fixed an issue with the Origin In-Game overlay.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing sign in errors.

Version 10.1.1

  • Miscellaneous bug fixes.

Version 10.0.2

  • Miscellaneous bug fixes.

Version 10.0.1


The new Origin experience is now in beta. This redesign of Origin includes an updated user interface and content recommendations based on your gaming interests. Here are the highlights:

  • My Home page: This page is tailored to your gaming interests. Here you’ll find recommendations for games, articles & videos, deals and more.
  • Updated UI: Origin looks and feels the same, whether you’re visiting it on web, mobile, or within the client. Access the store, your game library, and more, no matter what device you’re using.
  • Improved functionality: Searching for players, games, and extra content on Origin is now easier. Plus, you can add up to 2,000 friends to your friends list.

Version 9.12.2

  • Miscellaneous bug fixes.

Version 9.12.1

  • Miscellaneous bug fixes.

Version 9.12

  • Updated add-ons & bonuses to correctly display DLC when purchased as part of a bundle.
  • Improved the way Origin handles outdated operating systems, and reduced support for Windows XP and Windows Vista.
  • Miscellaneous bug and crash fixes.

Version 9.11.6

  • Miscellaneous bug fixes.

Version 9.11.5

  • Various improvements to server infrastructure.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes.

Version 9.11.2

  • Miscellaneous bug fixes.

Version 9.11.1

  • Improved the add-on store to no longer require a checkout when getting On the House content.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes.

Version 9.10.2

  • Miscellaneous bug fixes.

Version 9.10.1

  • Added DirectX 12 support to the Origin In-Game overlay.
  • Improved support for OS X El Capitan (10.11).
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements.

Version 9.9.1

  • Improved security for account and privacy pages.
  • Improved the way Origin retrieves new configuration data.
  • Various voice chat improvements and fixes.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes.

Version 9.8.3

  • Miscellaneous bug fixes

Version 9.8.2

  • Miscellaneous bug fixes

Version 9.8.1

  • Pre-ordered titles now always appear in My Games library.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and performance improvements.

Version 9.7.2

  • Miscellaneous bug fixes

Version 9.7.1

  • Improved support for cloud save transfers
  • Improved Origin’s ability to handle game repairs when files are missing
  • Origin Web Helper allows EA websites communicate with Origin. Due to recent web browser changes, use of Origin Web Helper is required to avoid potential gameplay disruption.
  • Miscellaneous improvements and bug fixes

Version 9.6.2

  • Miscellaneous bug fixes

Version 9.6.1

  • Expansion tiles for The Sims 3 now appear in the Game Details page instead of the My Games library.
  • Added the ability to uninstall DLC for some games.
  • Improved the quality of voice chat.
  • Miscellaneous improvements and bug fixes.

Version 9.5.20

  • Added voice chat functionality (currently in beta).
  • Added a network quality test and visual call timer for voice chat.
  • Added the option to create a chat room from a 1-to-1 chat window.
  • Added additional resolution options for Twitch broadcasting.
  • Blocking people on your Friends list now also unfriends them.
  • Added functionality that allows players to change the game installation language of some titles without reinstalling the game.
  • Miscellaneous improvements and bug fixes.

Version 9.5.12

  • Miscellaneous bug fixes

Version 9.5.11

  • Miscellaneous bug fixes

Version 9.5.10

  • Increased cloud storage capacity to 1GB.
  • Added Achievements to the main menu.
  • Additional miscellaneous bug fixes.

Version 9.5.6

  • Fixed an issue between Origin In Game and MSI Afterburner that sometimes caused FIFA 15 to crash.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Origin In Game from functioning while playing Dragon Age: Origins.
  • Improved performance of the Origin In Game browser.
  • Improved the downloader’s performance when resuming partially completed downloads.
  • Fixed a stability issue experienced by some OS X Yosemite users.
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing The Sims 4 from automatically downloading add-on content.
  • Fixed an issue with Origin In Game and fullscreen mode.

Version 9.5.5

  • Fixed an issue that caused some users to receive feedback surveys too frequently.
  • Fixed an issue that caused some players to experience a crash when exiting The Sims 4.
  • Fixed an issue that caused patch download sizes to be incorrectly displayed.
  • Miscellaneous improvements and bug fixes.

Version 9.5.3

  • Miscellaneous bug fixes

Version 9.5.2

  • Miscellaneous bug fixes

Version 9.5.1

  • Added chat rooms.
  • Added pop-ups to notify user of new functionality.
  • Updated downloader appearance.
  • Improved download duration estimate.
  • Downloading a game queues all related downloadable content.
  • Game repairs will also repair related downloadable content.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes.

Version 9.4.25 Mac

  • Added support for OSX 10.10, Yosemite.

Version 9.4.23

  • Miscellaneous bug fixes

Version 9.4.22

  • Miscellaneous bug fixes

Version 9.4.21

  • Miscellaneous bug fixes

Version 9.4.20

  • Improved image quality on Twitch broadcasts.
  • Fixed bugs causing Origin In Game problems and crashes.
  • Updated account registration process to reject invalid email addresses.
  • Additional miscellaneous bug fixes.

Version 9.4.12

  • Miscellaneous bug fixes

Version 9.4.11

  • Fixed a compatibility issue with some DirectX 11.1 devices that blocked Origin In Game.
  • Fixed an issue where users with a large number of games in their library had difficulty downloading.
  • Fixed a problem that could cause Origin to crash when receiving friend invites while playing.

Version 9.4.10

  • Redesigned notifications
  • Improved quality and speed of Twitch streaming
  • Downloader visuals improved; downloading files will now queue
  • Stabilized playback when watching multiple videos
  • Improved automatic game update downloads
  • Paused game updates now resume properly
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes

Version 9.4.7

  • Miscellaneous bug fixes

Version 9.4.6

  • Fixed issues with social profiles and chat.
  • Additional miscellaneous bug fixes.

Version 9.4.5

  • Added a new feature to allow companion websites such as Battlelog to launch from the My Games library.
  • Improved the process for automatically patching games .
  • Fixed an issue that kept Origin In Game from working in offline mode.
  • Improved our email verification system.
  • Fixed display errors on profile and achievements pages.
  • Additional miscellaneous bug fixes.

Version 9.4.1

  • Added ability to pin in-game windows to be visible during gameplay.
  • Added ability to upload custom box art in My Games library.
  • Added support for changing email addresses.
  • Added Origin Error Reporter to help troubleshoot issues.
  • Added “log out” option to system tray menu.
  • Added additional support for 64-bit titles.
  • Added e-mail verification prompts.
  • Improved TwitchTV streaming.
  • Downloader fine tuning.
  • Fixed an issue with TwitchTV disconnecting some users from Battlefield 4.
  • Fixed an issue with Remember Me not saving in certain languages.
  • Fixed an issue where the Origin Store would not load for some users.
  • Fixed an issue where Origin In Game would not work if a game was running while user quit/restarted Origin.
  • Fixed a crash some users experienced when changing languages on Origin.
  • Fixed an issue where changing e-mail address would immediately log out user.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes

Version 9.3.11

  • Fixed a bug that prevented users from being able to view the Origin Store or view the latest release notes.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes

Version 9.3.10

  • Miscellaneous bug fixes

Version 9.3.7

  • Miscellaneous bug fixes

Version 9.3.6

  • Miscellaneous bug fixes

Version 9.3.5

  • Improved integration between My Games library and Battlelog.
  • Added functionality to allow users on retired operating systems to remain on the current Origin build.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes

Version 9.3.2

  • Miscellaneous bug fixes

Version 9.3.1

  • Added an all-new group chat feature
  • Added messaging on your friends list that shows when a friend is broadcasting gameplay
  • Added tabs and keyboard shortcuts to the Origin In Game browser
  • You can now disable Origin In Game for individual games purchased through Origin
  • Added the ability to upload custom box art for non-Origin games, including animated GIFs
  • Added the ability to check installation progress for certain games from your web browser
  • Added a security question notification (for those who haven’t set one yet) to help protect your account
  • You can now make your Origin Points and achievement totals from BF3, ME3, and DS3 visible on your Origin profile for friends to see
  • Improved error handling for when you run out of disk space while downloading paid DLC
  • You can now uninstall games through Origin for Mac
  • Improved user feedback survey for PC; enabled user feedback survey for Mac
  • More efficient auto-patching (now only the changed parts of a file get downloaded)
  • Faster game download performance

Version 9.2.1

  • Updated the look and feel of the Application Settings menu
  • Added a new launcher option for select titles
  • Added Origin In Game support for 64-bit games
  • Added existing achievements from BF3, ME3, and DS3 to your Origin profile
  • Added the ability to auto-archive your gameplay broadcasts
  • Additional miscellaneous bug fixes

Version 9.1.15

  • Closed hypothetical exploit of Origin URI (uniform resource identifier) by malicious web sites

Version 9.1.8 Mac

  • Added the Featured Today window to display deals, announcements, & giveaways.

Version 9.1.7 Mac

  • Miscellaneous bug fixes.

Version 9.1.14

  • Added a menu option to launch the Featured Today module.
  • Fixed a bug that kept users from seeing if some of their friends were playing SimCity.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause Origin to crash when launching games from the Jump List.

Version 9.1.13

  • Miscellaneous bug fixes.

Version 9.1.12

  • Miscellaneous bug fixes.

Origin for Mac Initial Release - 9.1.6


Origin for Mac includes nearly all of the same features and functionality found in Origin for PC, including:

  • Cloud storage
  • Social capabilities
  • Ability to add non-Origin games to your library
  • Auto-patching for select titles
  • Origin InGame

 This Mac release also adds:

  • Drag & Drop installation
  • Dual-platform play (Mac/PC) for available EA titles
  • A unified (Mac/PC) My Games library

Version 9.1.11

  • Miscellaneous bug fixes.

Version 9.1.10

  • Added additional account security questions.
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing some users from broadcasting to Twitch.
  • Added the ability to update account settings via the web.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes.

Version 9.1.3

  • Improved client performance to allow for quicker startup.
  • Improved the speed of your friends list while loading.
  • Added the ability for you to broadcast gameplay on
  • Added a feedback survey that allows you to tell us what you think of Origin.
  • You can now add games purchased outside of Origin to your My Games library.
  • Right-clicking on Origin in your task bar will now display more options.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes.

Version 9.0.15

  • Fixed an issue that prevented some users from installing certain titles.

Version 9.0.13

  • Fixed an issue that interfered with some users' ability to download games.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented some users from launching or quitting certain games.
  • Fixed an issue that was blocking some users from logging in.

Version 9.0.11

  • Fixed an issue that caused certain games not to patch properly.

Version 9.0.10

  • Added the ability to opt out of certain types of data collection.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes.
  • Added a battery indicator to Origin In-Game. Users can now see how much charge remains on their battery without leaving their game.
  • Enabled cloud storage by default.

Version 9.0.2

  • Updated the look and feel of the My Games tab.
  • Updated game tiles with high resolution box art.
  • Added a slider allowing users to resize game tiles.
  • Moved the Download, Install, and Play buttons into game-specific mouseover windows.
  • Changed the Mark as Favorite button to a star icon.
  • Added new sorting options to the My Games tab.
  • Added a refresh button to the My Games tab.
  • Moved the Friends List into a standalone window.
  • Added the ability to hide the Friends List.
  • Added a button to the navigation bar that shows the Friends List if it’s hidden.
  • Added new navigation options to the Origin system tray menu.
  • Configured the Order History page to display both web and client purchases.
  • Added new title bars to a number of windows.
  • Improved overall performance of the Origin client.
  • Fixed an issue that was keeping some users from being able to patch properly.
  • Fixed an issue that was blocking FIFA 12 invites from being sent for some users.
  • Additional miscellaneous bug fixes.

Version 8.6.3

  • Fixed an issue that was keeping some users from being able to patch properly.
  • Fixed an issue that was blocking FIFA 12 invites from being sent for some users.
  • Additional miscellaneous bug fixes.

Version 8.6.1

  • Fixed several issues with the DLC download system, including one that was causing users to time out before completion.
  • Added hovercards to the Origin friends list. You can now mouse over a friend’s name to pop up their real name. Users who have hidden their real names will remain hidden.
  • Added release dates to all DLC available for pre-order.
  • Fixed several issues that were causing Origin to crash.
  • Reduced the client’s CPU load.

Version 8.5.2

  • Fixed an issue that caused some users to experience performance issues when running Origin.
  • Fixed a bug that caused a small number of downloads to get stuck at 100%.

Version 8.5.1

  • Fixed several miscellaneous bugs.

Version 8.5.0

  • Added captcha verification for increased security. NOTE: Users with automatic log-in enabled will need to re-enter their password after updating Origin. You will not be able to log in until you have done this.
  • Added cloud storage support for a number of additional EA games including Mass Effect 3.
  • Added the ability to upload custom avatars.
  • Improved relevancy of friend search results.
  • Progress bar now displays when installing games.
  • Streamlined Origin installation and update processes.
  • Game Add-Ons (DLC) can now be purchased and installed directly through Origin.
  • Updated the look and feel of the Origin client.
  • Users can now invite multiple friends to play at once.
  • Users can now hide games in their Game Library.

Version 8.4.1

  • Users can now change their Origin ID from the Settings menu.
  • Password security has been improved. Users with less secure passwords will be asked to choose a new password.
  • Required updates can now be delayed without disrupting access to Origin offline mode.
  • A number of small bug fixes have been made.

Version 8.3.7

  • Fixes an issue that caused downloads to go past 100% completion.
  • Users installing the Russian disc version of BF3 should no longer be improperly asked to insert disc 1.
  • Fixes a number of issues that previously caused the Origin client to crash.
  • Improves the performance of the Origin browser when loading flash-based applications.
  • Addresses a number of minor localization and user experience issues.
  • Adds the ability to download and install third-party games from Origin.
  • Improves the performance of the game update functionality.
  • Made changes so that Origin now sets permissions in ProgramData\Origin by default.

Version 8.3.1

  • Added the ability to change your password from the Settings menu.
  • Added the ability to purchase DLC while in-game.
  • Added the ability to import friends from select EA titles.
  • Added the ability to contact Customer Support while in-game.
  • Added the ability to check and repair games by right-clicking on the game.
  • Improved search so you can be found by real name, if you added it to your profile.
  • Introduced Cloud Storage Beta - store your saved games on the cloud, so you can continue playing from any computer.
  • Introduced Free Games - play PC demos to casual games from the Free Games page in the Origin store.

Version 8.2.6

  • Fixed several miscellaneous bugs.

Version 8.2.5

  • Added a feature to automatically log you into EA sites from Origin.
  • Fixed an issue with invalid cache folders.
  • Fixed an issue with the progress bar display.
  • Fixed an issue that forced users into Offline Mode improperly.
  • Added Origin In Game support for Battlefield 3 Beta.

Version 8.2.2

  • Added support for sending invitations to Facebook friends.
  • Fixed several miscellaneous bugs.

Version 8.2.0

  • Added option to enable Origin In Game for all games, including those that aren't officially supported with this feature.
  • Added opt-in to participate in Origin Pre-Release.
  • Added support for underage users.
  • Improved code redemption interface.
  • Added functionality to automatically update your games.
  • Added functionality to display pre-ordered games in your library.

Version 8.1.2

  • Fixed an issue where the client would sometimes crash on exit.

Version 8.1.1

  • Fixed an issue where the user's presence could not be changed from "playing."
  • Improved security for login and registration.
  • Added logging around client self-updates.

Version 8.1

  • Create a public profile, pick an avatar, and display the games you own on your personalized profile page.
  • Facebook, PSN and XBL integration so you can quickly build your Origin friends list.
  • Social notifications so you’ll know when your friends sign-on or start playing a game.
  • Chat with your friends and browse the web right from your game on select titles with the new In-Game Overlay.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes



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