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Re: Origin Patch Notes

by dehumanized

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Re: Origin Patch Notes

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My experience with Origin on a 4k monitor has gotten significantly worse since this patch (patch 10.5.31). Prior to this patch I was running Origin in compatibility mode to force it to match the DPI scaling of my desktop via Windows. Not ideal, but it made everything render large enough on my screen to read. Now, after the patch, everything in the client looks tiny and there is no mechanism within client to increase the zoom level of the UI, nor does the Windows compatibility mode seem to work anymore. I'm rather disappointed.

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Re: Origin Patch Notes

@dehumanized Have you tried setting the zoom level via the menu bar at the top of the client? It's under View->Zoom.
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Re: Origin Patch Notes

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That solved my issue. Thanks! I had looked through all the settings in the Application Settings menu and never thought to explore the top menu dialogs.

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Re: Origin Patch Notes

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my origin cannot connect the server
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