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Re: Origin PC client

by sweetpoison0011

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Origin PC client

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Guys, what's wrong with you?

Some time ago I had to reinstall the client after primary HDD failed and had to be replaced (with new windows of course). All nice until I tried to start the the client. Errors one after another referring to all kind of dll's. Eventually I found the right ddl version wgich was part of origin install kit, stored on hdd yet not set. That problem I solved by copying the required DDL into Origin folder. All nice and good after many hours of headache. 

Once I started the client I had a nasty surprise: where are the prices for the games? What kind of shop is this? I mean, common, how stupid this is? Did any of you guys use the client to see how it's working? I just updated the client as requirement to see the same stupid thing. NO PRICES on games (do NOT think there are free, it's just you will see the price only if you try to buy the game).

Please, if you can't attach the price on main window at least put it on game description (system requirement maybe since you need to pay for that game just as well as you need a computer)


I bet you guys in RL are not going for shopping in a shop which have no price tag on any item.


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Re: Origin PC client

@sweetpoison0011  What happens if you click the dropdown arrow next to the words Get the Game in your second screenshot?  I can see the price there, but also options like adding it to my wishlist or gifting it to a friend.


I don't work for EA. I'm just trying to help fellow players with their games.
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Re: Origin PC client

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it shows your invoice for purchase the game and you get one step away from buying. also makes it easy to buy by mistake.

so far it's the only way to see the price as the "get the game" is a button and not a dropdown menu.

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Re: Origin PC client

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Ah, that's why you don't show the prices... I just bought Mass Effect Andromeda for £6.28 (on 4 places the game is at 83% discount)  while on Origin is still £34.99

Nicely done.

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