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[Origin] Missing Games and Expansion Content

by EA_David

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[Origin] Missing Games and Expansion Content

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Missing your games or expansions? We've explained below how you can find them.


1. Missing games


If you are missing games in your Origin account then there are three possible causes:


  • You are logged in on the wrong account - you can only register your game once and on a single account. If your code doesn't work then log out and log in again to Origin with any other account details that you might have.
  • You have a filter enabled - check your Filter - Hidden games section in Origin to make sure that you haven't hidden your games. You can find the Filter menu in the upper-right corner of Origin:
  • Your account has been hacked - if your account has been hacked then often your email address will be changed. If you then try to login with this same email address then you will instead login to a newly created account.

What to do if you still can't find your games? Reach out to an EA Advisor for further assistance.



2. Missing expansion content


Most content will appear on the Extra Content page that becomes available once you've clicked the base game from within Origin. Please check this section if the expansion content isn't visible in your Game Library.


Instead of expansions having their own panel in the Game Library section of Origin, the expansion content will instead show up the Extra Content panel. You can left click the game panel then choose the Extra Content tab in the bottom left.


 origin extra content.PNG



On the panel in question, scroll down and you should see the game's expansion, shortcut and DLC content. From here you can download, purchase or launch the content where appropriate.





If your expansion is still not available, and has been released, be sure to check your Order history at Origin >Order History to ensure that the purchase has completed.




If your order has stalled or is stuck as Processing past its release date, reach out to an EA Advisor for further assistance.

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