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Re: [HOW TO] Backup/restore Origin games

by RichardSinerface

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Re: Origin - Moving Games to Another Hard Drive or System

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Won't let me begin download because my hard drive is full.

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Re: Can I transfer my origin games to a new computer?

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What happened to me was I had the sims 4 on my old computer. My friend dropped it, and it unfortunately broke. I have had a new computer for a while, and decided to try to get to my game, but it isn't showing up in my library. Does it have a different effect if you used a CD instead of a download? My new computer has none, but I used one for my old computer. Is there any way to recover my game?

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Re: Origin - Moving Games to Another Hard Drive or System

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You need to login with the exact same details as used on your previous system. Origin games are stored to an account (how you can only access your email by logging in to your own email address).


If you can't figure out which account that is, feel free to reach out to support:


Kind regards,


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Re: reconnecting origin to a installed game

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EA/Origin developers, learn from STEAM, you m0r0ns, how to make a proper client. It is 2017 and the 5hi77y game client still can't manage to recognize the game it's already there without asking to re download it. this is unacceptable.  it is completely *.

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Re: Origin - Moving Games to Another Hard Drive or System

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This is likely a necro, but here goes.


Followed the latest how-to on moving an install (I'm actually trying to move 4 games), after I reinstalled windows. Battlefield 1 shows as having 3GB installed and requires downloading ~50GB, I played it 2 days ago from the previous installation location and all I've done is move the folder. Titanfall 2 requires 42GB of downloads to install to a folder that already has all the files in it as it too was already installed, again, I've played it recently and have only moved the folder. Battlefield 4 and FIFA 17 I haven't even looked at because this shouldn't be an issue in 2017.

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Re: reconnecting origin to a installed game

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I cannot believe this is still a problem. As someone who works in software development, this should be an easily fixable problem.



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Moving Origin Games between SSD/HDD

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What is the simplest way to move games from my SSD to my HDD and vice versa?


Please explain in excruciating detail all the steps as I'm not very computer savvy :-)

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Re: Moving Origin Games between SSD/HDD

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Hey there @MisterProEastie


This guide should give you all the advice that you would need :


So basically, you do the following :


  1. Go to where you got your games installed on your SSD (Default: C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games), copy this folder from your SSD (Right-click the folder, choose 'Copy') and paste it in your new desired location on your HDD. (Right-click at the new location, choose 'Paste')
  2. On Origin, click 'Origin' from top left, go to 'Application settings' and to 'Installs & Saves' tab from the top. Change the 'Game library location' in your Origin client to reflect your new desired location on your HDD. (If you don't know where your Game library is for the first step, this is also how you can check where it currently is located in.)
  3. Start the download for the game and it should start skipping through files that are already there and only downloads what is necessary to install the game properly again to the new location.

I hope that is explained well enough for you. If you do have trouble though, just ping me back to this topic with @RedFoxxie and I'll come give more guidance for you.


Good luck !

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Re: Moving Origin Games between SSD/HDD

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Thank you very much! :-)

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Re: [HOW TO] Backup/restore Origin games

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How is this your official solution EA?


What a bogus poor work around. This is the best you can do? I need to copy 150GB of your game files, then trick your client into redownloading everything and pause in between each one to transfer the actual game file again?


I knew it took me 4 months to put Origin onto my new format for a reason. Looks like i will be deleting this garbage again without it ever recognizing any of my downloads.


You used to be a great computer game developer EA...

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