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Origin Client Issues

by ecstubblebine

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Origin Client Issues

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In all seriousness why is the Origin Client so terrible?  I have had to re-install Windows 10 twice to get Origin to work, only after trying every other suggestions - easy way and hard way.  I have never once had a problem with the Steam client, not ever.  It just always works.  Origin on the other hand.  I installed Prey on Steam last year and Origin stopped working.  So, either remove and never play my new Prey game or forget playing my Origin games like Titanfall 2 and BF1.  This is just a sample of the problems with Origin.  My question:  Why doesn't EA fix this garbage?  I really want an answer from someone at EA.  Why do you not fix this or, better yet, replace it with something better.  To my knowledge Steam does not have a web page dedicated to fixing COMMON problems with the client, you know "the easy way" or the "hard way"?!


Please, EA respond to this question.

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Re: Origin Client Issues

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We can do our best to get it running consistently on your PC. Any way you can attach a DxDiag so we can look at your system specs?

Do you get a specific type of error when it crashes or closes down that we can notify the Origin team about?


How to Pull a DxDiag


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Re: Origin Client Issues

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I fixed my latest issue with Origin a while ago by re-install Windows 10.  My roommate is getting a new ASUS laptop and wants to start gaming.  So I bought him GTA V on Steam - get him started with a Steam account, so he can continue, in the future buying more games.  I also thought to create an account for him with Origin and download Apex:Legends, for the same reason; so he can continue buying games in the future.  I then remembered the myriad problems I've had in the past with the Origin client.  I think almost every computer I've ever had had problems with Origin.  Never, ever with Steam.  Do I really want to go through all that grief all over again?  Or put my roommate though this?  I'm thinking I should I just install Steam - and perhaps uplay - and let him have his fun.  Sure, perhaps he'll lose out on about 5% of the games out there, but I'm potentially saving him a huge headache.  I take it from your non-answer that Origin has no plans to fix or replace this broken, awful client of theirs.  So, that helps me make my decision.  Thank you for your prompt replay.  Unfortunately, it in no way addressed answer my question.  'A' for effort though, buddy.

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