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New Achievements not visible to other users

by DeepoOldAccount

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New Achievements not visible to other users

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I have a problem where any new Origin Achievements I earn on my profile are not visible to any other users, or to any external services that consume Origin API data (Gog Galaxy 2.0)


Here is a screenshot of my profile from within the Origin Client when logged into my profile (DeepOopsldAccount) and viewing the profile page:


Viewing my own account


And here is a screenshot of my friend viewing the same profile through the web browser (DeepOopsldAccount has been added as a friend):


Friend viewing my account


As you can see, the number of achievements completed is much lower when my friend i viewing the profile. I'be been through several chats with support, and tried resetting the Origin cache multiple times (I've even reinstalled Windows and Origin), so I'm sure the problem is on the account, and not in the Origin client. Can you please look into this? (You can also have a look at support case number 50256971 for further information)

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