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My game disappeared from the origin

by 1235490123

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My game disappeared from the origin

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I installed The Sims 4 when it was free on my computer I played a lot, until today I went to look at the Origin game library it was no longer I was looking at / index to see if it was still there and was please help me would like to know what happened to my game.

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Re: My game disappeared from the origin

Hey @1235490123


Sorry to hear this happened to you.


Please check out this Link:


Scroll down to where it says "I've had my Games for a while", and try the steps listed there.


Let us know if you still need help.


Thanks Standard smile


- iluminate


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Re: My game disappeared from the origin

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Hi @1235490123, I've moved this to the Origin boards. Standard smile Did the steps help with your issue?

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