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Re: Mouse isnt working

by PapaManny30

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Mouse isnt working

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out of no wear my mouse stopped working in all my games and its only happening in origin games some it wont work even in the main menus but in game some itll work in the menus but then not in game cant look around cant shoot nothing and ive tried plugging it into other ports and everything the mouse works fine tho it just randomly happened in my origin games

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Re: Mouse isnt working

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That's an odd one @ElClapo93.


Can I ask, do you have any overlays running when the issue occurs? It's worth disabling any overlay you may have running. this includes Origin In-Game and Discord.


Once done try the games again to see if the issue remains.


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Re: Mouse isnt working

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@EA_Darko (Apex Legends) I am also experiencing the same scenario, i cant look around using mouse on in-game, mouse pointer is appearing although Im in full screen display mode and no other applications open, but in lobby and settings i can use the mouse. Can you recognize if what is the problem?, the other shooting games in other platform has no problem. TIA
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