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Re: Origin Download Button Not Working

by AttackofCatalx

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Re: My sims 4 extension pack won't download

@tiialeppanen Moved your post over to a more current thread.

Please try suggestion in the solution post of this thread.

Happy Gaming


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Re: Origin Download Button Not Working

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@puzzlezaddict This worked for me! As soon as I opened Origin up after following your instructions my packs started downloading automatically 😊 Thank you!
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Re: (Mac) Download Button Not Working for Sims 4 packs

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How to fix Sims 4 can't load add-on pack
1 click on the origin
2 Click on the application settings.
3 scroll through topics Update the client
4 Close settings Join in the Origin technical preview.
5 Sign out and access the origin again.
6 Click to download the add-on pack !!!!!!!!!

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Re: (Mac) Download Button Not Working for Sims 4 packs

EA Sims Team

Hi all,

I heard that a configuration fix was rolled out by Origin team yesterday.  It was a behind-the-scenes fix; no patch necessary.


So if anyone is still seeing this issue with the Technical Preview, please let us know.

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