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Re: Ineligible to receive gift.

by alder_berry_game

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Ineligible to receive gift.

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Trying to send my friend a gift, who is over 18, lives in the same country, and WHO I HAVE PREVIOUSLY SENT GIFTS, but now they are coming up as unable to receive _any_ gift. The same items I have the option to sending other friends. So... what gives? 


to reiterate 

- have previously been able to gift friend.

- age is over 18

- same country

- same content is able to be gifted to other people.

- They haven't blocked anything is the least helpful thing possible. 



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Re: Ineligible to receive gift.

Community Manager

Sorry to hear that you are having issues @alder_berry_game.


Can you share the exact error message that you are receiving?



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Re: Ineligible to receive gift.

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it's not so much _my_ error message, but my friends.


We've tried gifting her with my GF's account as well, and it says - for every game - that she is  "Ineligible to receive this game"





as stated in my original:

-I have gifted her content in the past.

-She is within the same country.

-She is well over 18.

-has no one blocked.

- it does not matter if it is an add on; like with the sims in screenshot(which she does own the base game), OR a full title she does not already own


which are the only reasons stated within the help link


She's also contacting EA to see what's up because it is very unexpected and we have exhausted all other tiers.


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Re: Ineligible to receive gift.

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added shot of when I try to gift outside of wishlist:



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