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I need help with account linking please

by Mattycool12

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I need help with account linking please

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I am trying to log on to Ea-sports account through my PlayStation ID. I am getting a message that says "Your log-in credentials might have expired" and to go to to reset my password. The problem here is, I am not sure the email I used with my Playstation ID, so when it sends the information on changing the password, I am not getting it sent to my email. 


Part 2 is that I do have an EA sports account with the email I use all of the time, but I cannot find anywhere to link my Playstation ID to this email. 


I have spent 5 hours or more trying to figure this out, with the site just sending me in endless circles of not answering my questions lol. Any help would be much appreciated please. 


Thanks for your time. 


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