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I bought cats and dogs for 19.99....

by Robinsnesth

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I bought cats and dogs for 19.99....

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I bought cats and dogs for 19.99, why is my account showing an additional automatic payment of 21.09??????

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Re: I bought cats and dogs for 19.99....

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Hello there @Robinsnesth ,


I'm not sure why an additional charge was added to your account. If you think this was a mistake, I would dispute the charge.


Here's How:

1. Navigate to EA Help.

2. Choose Contact Us at the top of the page.

3. Choose Origin as your Product.

4. Choose PC as your Platform.

5. Under 'Topic' select Orders.

6. Under 'Issue' select Dispute charge.

7. Click the Blue Select Contact Option at the bottom of the page.

8.This should give you option to speak to an EA Advisor through Live Chat. Just explain your situation and they will assist you with getting a refund or at least explain what happened.


Happy Gaming and Stay Safe!


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