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Games removed from my account?

by GabsletobarLT

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Games removed from my account?

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I lost my games in my account they are not showing in my library (FIFA 19, Need for Speed(TM) Rivals, The Sims 4, Titanfall2 and Unravel). I still got them installed but when I try to open them with the .exe this pops up.


Annotation 2019-09-19 105533.png


My games still installed:

Annotation 2019-09-19 105653.png


Origin not showing my games: (it shows the sims 4 but still can't open it):


Annotation 2019-09-19 105828.png

Annotation 2019-09-19 105842.png


I hope to not also get my save games lost because i had cloud saving enabled. 

Plus: nothing is hidden in the filters.


PS: also companion apps aren't let me login:


Fix this and give me my games back.

I'm NOT happy at all.

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Re: Games removed from my account?

Community Manager

Hey @GabsletobarLT this can pop up from time to time, it's not a major issue but can be annoying. Can you open your My Game Library and from here you right-click the game tile and then click Repair. This will then check your installed files for any issues and should it find any fix them.


Once done launch the game again and let me know what happens.


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Re: Games removed from my account?

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How if my games don't appear in my Game Library

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Re: Games removed from my account?

Community Manager

Hey @GabsletobarLT sorry about that, from the images I thought it was a case that some of the games you were having an issue with were showing.


Did you purchase the games that are missing or did you get them as part of Origin Access?



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