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Game dissapeared?

by amberckaufman

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Game dissapeared?

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Maybe Im not understanding how this platform works exactly - but I purchased Sims 4 a month or so ago for like $5.  I had played many times but not for the last couple weeks.  Just logged on to play and theres nothing there? It wants me to put in an EA code to save prpgress. What happened?

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Re: Game dissapeared?

Community Manager
@amberckaufman sounds like you logged into the wrong account.

Recommend that you reach out to EA support if you are unsure on what account you had the game on.

How to get in contact with EA support:



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Re: Game dissapeared?

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I have the same problem. Sims 3 dissapeared from my Game Library. I tried to log out and then log in a lot of times.. Everything right, both email and code. I tried to redeem again the product code but it said that is using by someone else.. I am very sure that I am connecting to my account... HELP


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