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Fonts on High Def Screens

by petrakid1

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Fonts on High Def Screens

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Are you EVER EVER EVER going to fix the Origin App for PC to function on larger high definition screens.  As it is now, I simply cannot see the top menu for the life of me unless I pick up my keyboard and walk about 8" from the screen.  Other text is also quite small, but better.  I can do compatibility changes to make the app work on high def screens, but the app always shows me the error informing me that it's running this way.  You've updated the app like 6 times since I last asked about this and you still haven't fixed this issue.  Every other app I run (, nVidia apps, etc.) work fine, as well as apps like TukUi which updates addons for World of Warcraft (which only a couple of people manage).


As more and more people use larger and larger screens to play games, you NEED to keep up! Fix this font size issue please.

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Re: Fonts on High Def Screens

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Hi @petrakid1


If you're in 4K / windows 10  follow these steps ;


First thing to do turn on Origin beta updates


After that close Origin , then right click on the Origin icon on your Desktop- > select  Properties / Compatibility,scroll down,press Change high DPI settings.Now check->Use this seting to fix scaling problems for this program instaed of the one in Settings (here leave the default setting, do not change anything ->I signed in to windows )


Now check Overide high DPI scalling behaviour( here change in -> System )


Press Ok .


Now follows the same steps for - > Change settings for all users and i think you should be fine mate Wink.Thumbs up


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