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Fixes or Patches For RA 2 & Yuri's Revenge

by papajz

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Fixes or Patches For RA 2 & Yuri's Revenge

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I have problems with C&C Yuri's Revenge, Digital Download with C&C Red Alert 2, problems as follows.
-Initially after download, neither game would boot up properly, with RA2, I could hear sound, but no video, I gave up at the time try to contact Tech & Customer Support. Reading through all the problems others had, was no help! I figured it was unplayable. It took a systems reset/boot from a virus, when I decided to try the game. I was surprised that the game booted up correctly and played fine but would freeze up during game play. The only way to exit the game was to use Task Manager. Their were times that TM failed to exit the game, and then it took restarting the Gaming Laptop. Which is a Lenovo Y70 Touch with Windows 10, Nvidia Geforce GTX, and Intel Core 17.
-C&C Yuri's Revenge would also boot up properly, I click on Single Player, then New Campaign, which went through normal gams boot up. After Mission Briefing, and Battle Control going online only GI, Engineer Command/functions out of the four, and will only allow 1 each at a time.
-Only Chrono Miner Command/Function works out of the three, and only one Chrono Miner can be made at a time.
-The only Keys that work are the Mission and Resume function.
-When the ESC Key is hit to Pause or Exit the game, only Game Controls and Resume Mission Keys work.
-To Exit the game at this point, Task Manager or Laptop Restart must be used sometimes.
-The function to move soldiers and equipment doesn't work in all directions.
-RA2 doesn't always Exit completely or cleanly, and Task Manager must be used, and sometimes must Restart laptop.
Are their Fixes and or Patches to correct the problems?

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Re: Fixes or Patches For RA 2 & Yuri's Revenge

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Sorry to see that you are having issues @papajz.

The best thing to do is try the steps suggested in this thread:


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