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Download Problems - Fluctuating speeds and sitting at 0

by Sionysion

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Download Problems - Fluctuating speeds and sitting at 0

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I am trying to download Mass Effect Andromeda and the download keeps fluctuating, falling to 0 and just sitting there for several minutes until it shoots back up to some random download speed, stays there for a few seconds and then falls back to 0 and the cycle continues. I can press pause on the download and then continue (to restart it) and it shoots back up, but the download speed again is random (sometimes it is high, but most of the time it is far lower than it should be?) and then it falls back and sits on 0 again in a few seconds etc.

I've tried disabling all programs, my antivirus, reinstalling origin, restarting the computer, restarting origin and I'm using a wired connection.

I just logged into steam, downloaded a 1GB game in 5 minutes. Yet in the 12 hours I just got this game, it's only downloaded 7GB, primarily because I've been actively restarting the install by pausing and resuming which seems to make it start to download, until it falls back to 0 in a few seconds.


I had this exact same problem when I got Sims 3 not long ago, and that only downloaded because at some point Origin decided to let it actually download after several hours of it constantly fluctuation and falling to 0. But even when it did decide to download, it was still half the speed it should be.


This isn't a problem on my end, this is Origins end. If I can download games perfectly fine on Steam, GOG, Twitch and the latest and newest game client; Epic Games Store - then why is it ONLY Origin that has these issues? Again. Not my problem, but Origins. This has always been a problem with Origin since its inception (I had these exact problem with Mass Effect 3 when it came out, and other games years back when Origin was still new). Please report this to someone who actually deals with the development and maintenance of Origin.


The users shouldn't have to make workarounds to make Origin work; the dam thing should be made to work by itself. It's literally unusable.

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Re: Download Problems - Fluctuating speeds and sitting at 0

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@Sionysion I have the exact same problem, the download speed start at a normal value than gradually decrease until it arrives to 0, than it goes up again for few seconds and then down again. It doesn't seem to be related to any game in particular, I tried with tropico 5 and battlefront 2.
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Re: Download Problems - Fluctuating speeds and sitting at 0

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I remove the google DNS from my network settings. It worked for me.



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