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Can't install the Apex Legends update

by Virt101

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Can't install the Apex Legends update

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I wasnt able to install it earlier, so I clicked on repair and it started downloading. It was downloading when my laptop accidentally went on sleep mode. Since then it says resuming and I can neither pause the update nor do i see an option to uninstall the game. Please help somebody

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Re: Can't install the Apex Legends update

Community Manager (retired)

Hey @Virt101 


Could you please try to clear Origin cache and then resume the download? It should cancel or pending actions in your download queue Standard smile



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Re: Can't install the Apex Legends update

Community Manager

Hi @Virt101

Sometimes clearing the Origin Cache works a treat for this. Could you try these steps and let me know if it's help things for you:


  1. Turn off Origin: Double and triple check this is turned off as if it isn’t, you won’t be able to complete all the steps.One way is to open Task Manager and head to Processes. Check that Origin.exe and OriginWebHelperService.exe aren’t there. If they are, end the tasks to close them and then...
  2. ...clear cache: For this step please follow the instructions outlined in this EA Help article: Clear cache to fix problems with your games.. Once you've cleared the Origin cache...
  3. ...start Origin back up again
  4. Repair Apex: Select My Game Library in Origin. Right-click on the game tile and select Repair Game. - source
  5. Download and play 

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