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Can't install Origin, internet connection required

by JJayIsIlluminati

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Can't install Origin, internet connection required

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So yeah... My ssd went down, bought new one, installed everything again, but Origin bcs I can't. Every single time it says Could not connect to Internet. Enabled every port, turn off firewall, reinstalled etc etc, nothing helps. Any ideas, what's the issue?

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Re: Can't install Origin, internet connection required

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Hi @JJayIsIlluminati


Make sure Time/Date is correctly set in your machine.


Clear DNS cache


Clear the browser cache:


Clear hosts file  (please do this step again)


Restart your machine.


NOTE if your issue persists try to reset (not restart) your modem, resetting your modem can fix gaming troubles,  "can't get on the Internet" problems, port issues, wireless issues and device conflicts.


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