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Re: Can't download Battlefield 4 DLCs

by Tanalbi

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Can't download Battlefield 4 DLCs

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I cannot find the option anywhere, i was offered to install them last night after finishing downloading BF4, but i rejected, intending to play a few matches before going to sleep.


Can't find the option to add the DLCs, where can i manage that? Or is it a problem with Origin?

And no, the regedit won't work since i don't have them even downloaded, i just dunno what to do.

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Re: Can't download Battlefield 4 DLCs



Did you looked under the "Extra content" tab at the BF4 game library page?


Extra Content.png


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Re: Can't download Battlefield 4 DLCs

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NVM, started downloading again a few hours ago, with all the expansions, and if they are not added, i'll tyr the regedit thing
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