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Bug with the fifa 19 weekly quest

by srktmt97

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Bug with the fifa 19 weekly quest

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I hope someone can help me with this! So my problem:

The weekly quest counter is stucked at 3/4 after the update today. It requests a goal with UEFA rare cards in 4 seperate wins in any fut mod. I did 3 of the 4 before the new update which arrived today at pc. But after the update i score goals with ucl live fabinho, the way that matches with the requirements but it wont complete the quest. I did it right more than 4 times, but the counter is stucked at 3. So i cant get the swap player card, which means i cant do the base icon pack sbc with swap player cards, beacuse all the swap player cards needed in it. So i lose a base icon pack, because of this bug. 

I really not know what to do right now Frown

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