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Bug Report for Origin

by BugsLaughter

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Bug Report for Origin

★ Novice

A relatively minor issue but wanted to mention it as I'm sure you'll want to address it.

On the Origin interface I am receiving a message for Battlefield 5 that I need to reorder Origin Access in order to play the game.  I have however purchased the game + premium so have access to the game.  The message is a misrepresentation of the reality of the situation; I can play without access (though I may get access too in the near future)

However, this brings up another point.  I, as a gamer, feel that it is important to support primarily game development companies first and publishers second.  While I do not discourage compensating publishers as well, they would not have a product without the developers.  Therefore the developer should receive the lions share of the proceeds with the publisher receiving a cut.

So, I am wondering what the breakdown is between Origin Access and buying the game outright?  Meaning, which is more profitable for the developers?  I have no problem with either method.  For example, in some free to play games I have no problem buying cosmetic items from time to time to support the game in that billing model.  I have no problem with a monthly subscription for that billing model.  I have no problem buying the game outright for that billing model, nor do I have a problem with buying the game at a reduced price (below the $59.99 price mark standard for a AAA title) and then paying a small monthly or quarterly subscription (note I said small, I'm thinking $4.99 - $7.99) to support the game through it's continued development as it releases content, or, buying quarterly expansions (though a risky play) for a medium price ($9.99 - $14.99).

We, the gamers, do need to know what's going on here so that we can make the correct purchasing decisions.  Please understand this, and understand this well: We could give a rats * about publishers by and large (by this I mean non-gaming finance people - you're greedy and you've screwed us a lot over the years; most of us don't hate you, but we do not trust you). 

We do however care very much about the devs.  In some cases the devs are the publishers, and that's fine.  But it's really about the devs, admins, and staff.

Of course if it's a matter of "we don't care just pay us and enjoy," then that works too. Standard smile



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Re: Bug Report for Origin

Community Manager

Thank you for the bug report and feedback on purchases, @BugsLaughter 


Can you let us know if you're still getting this after clearing the Origin cache and/or deleting Origin + re-downloading the latest version here?


Regarding on what is the best route to take for purchases on the Origin store to support the development team, that's entirely up to you! 

Origin Access is a membership based service we offer where you'll be able to play your favorite EA games as well as others that peak your interest. If you're someone that plans to spend a lot of your gaming time in just 1 or 2 games, purchasing the game outright to own might be the better option. We want to give players more freedom on how they play EA games.

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Re: Bug Report for Origin

★ Novice

I'll get back to you on that tomorrow.

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