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Re: Blank origin icon. Help!

by IrisLlama

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Blank origin icon. Help!

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The icon looks like a text document but its completely blank. All I did was cancel an update, it wouldn't close so I had to use task manager. (That's probably why it's broken...) I haven't clicked on it yet, so I don't know what happens if I do.

Someone please help. I want to play the sims 4.

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Re: Blank origin icon. Help!

Community Manager

Hey @IrisLlama


Could you try to reinstall Origin application on your PC? You can download the newest version from this website.


Don't worry, you'll only reinstall Origin, not The Sims 4 Wink You will also not lose any game progress, but if you want to be 100% sure, you can use this article to back-up your saves.




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Re: Blank origin icon. Help!

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Thanks! It worked!

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