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BF4 and Downloading DLC's

by restlessturnip

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BF4 and Downloading DLC's

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Hi all I've had an issue with downloading BF4 DLC's. When they are downloading i will pause the downloads to start playing battlefield with mates and then eventually i turn off my pc. When i turn it back on and want to start downloading the DLC's again they are no where to be found and there is no option to download them again. When i hover over them in origin it says already installed but they arent. I then have to uninstall and install origin which i have had to do 3 times now for it to come up with the prompt to 'download now' for the DLC's. This has just been annoying and idk if its just me but i'm just putting it out there so hopefully it gets fixed. Cheers homies xx

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Re: BF4 and Downloading DLC's

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@restlessturnip I had the same problem recently with downloading Mass Effect 3 DLC content. To provide some further details for EA staff, in my case it merely happened by quitting the Origin client, and when opening it again the download queue was simply emptied, with no possibility to start the missing downloads again from the Extra Content tab. I solved the problem by making a backup copy of the game install folder in Origin Games, then uninstalling the game, then copying the backup folder back into Origin Games and finally telling Origin to start a new download for Mass Effect 3. It then verified the existing files and proceeded to download the missing DLCs.
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