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Anthem. this game is so bad, you can't even quit

by slightlyjaded

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Anthem. this game is so bad, you can't even quit

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Lets be honest. ending your play session is a basic human right.


I'm literally waiting for EA to sell this option.


The game on launch bugs 2 times out of 3. and requires an end of process to reset. CTRl+ALT+DEL for the win... You can't ecit mid mission. you can't exit after mission, you have to sit through a screen that offers you the option to skip, and then makes you sit through all the crap anyway.


I currently looking at this as the worst parts of EA,and bioware stuck in a mashup, and by the way can I sell you little purple crystals as well (actually a thing). How about you actually make the game work before you start charging people for *? just a little PR advice.


I bought andromeda, I bought anthem... Bioware is dead to me. * EA, * Bioware. infinty engine is dead.

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