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AT-2020 mic not working in origin application

by DinkinFlicka22

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AT-2020 mic not working in origin application

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Hi there,


    I'm having some trouble getting my AT-2020 mic to work in the origin application. Under application settings / voice, I have two possible options for mic input (Image 1). One mic is my Logitech G933 which does work when testing it under microphone sensitivity / test microphone. The other mic is the AT-2020 labelled "Line In (TASCAM US-144 MKII)". That is the name of the audio interface I'm using to connect the AT-2020 mic to my computer. When selecting the AT-2020 mic as the input ("Line In (TASCAM US-144 MKII)") I get no detection from microphone sensitivity / test microphone. 


    I've had success with this mic in every other possible application and program on my computer. Origin is the only one I can not seem to figure out. I've been through the obvious steps to try and trouble shoot a mic detection problem with no success.



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Re: AT-2020 mic not working in origin application

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Sorry to hear that you are having issues @DinkinFlicka22. The best thing to do is set your mic as the default mic in your system audio settings and then launch a game to see it if works.


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Re: AT-2020 mic not working in origin application

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Yes this is a extremely basic troubleshooting step that has been completed along with a vast variety of others. No success. I believe it is extremely important to realize that the AT-2020 mic works in every other application under the sun (discord, blizzard, steam, audacity, obs studio, etc.) Please give me more steps to complete. I bet I've done it but I'll be happy to do it all again. There's gotta be a resolution to this issue


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