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Re: how EA losing money and customers

by Tarlaz

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how EA losing money and customers

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i buy premier in 100 euro. after they charge my credit card they block my account after 12 hours.
i didnt enter any game or even download in this time and i new user. after 4 days that i try to understand why i got block and what about my money. they just say they sorry and they appoligize for it. after they took my money and waist my time, 7 time that i needed to adress them after they said the problem is solve. only then they open my account back and give 15% discount for the wrong doing.
lets say that i will not buy any thing in this compeny and only intresting in the Anthem game. redicilous that after i try to purches the game with the discount its didnt work too.
for now maybe i need to thank them. i will not buy in 100 euro the primium and just buy the game in 42 euro threw third website. i really wanted to pay directly to support the industry but.. well after this i understand all the posts againts EA. they forgot there customers.
good day and hope some Manger of them read this and will do something befor this compeny goes down.
i know you going to delete this posts or cancel my account. i just hope u will learn from it and take care of your custemers. i wish the compeny well but in this direction u just losing money and good players.
try contact CEO or high managment. maybe they will replay my email. maybe someone there will wake up and do the wrong doing..
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Re: how EA losing money and customers

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There is a reason why EA is the most hated game company in the world. Their customer support consists of the most incompetent people ever, I've contacted them 6 times and none of them gave solutions that were related to my issue. All they do is copy paste a script. My problem was that I couldn't make any purchases, but after this experience with their customer support, I think I'm better off not buying anything from EA, and making sure everyone know how bad they are.

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