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Unable to access advertised content for BFV

by Sneaky_Stoat

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Unable to access advertised content for BFV

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I cannot find the code I need to redeem BFV in order to gain access to the content from Airlifts.


Additionally, It is incredibly sneaky advertising the five weapons from BF1 and Airlift content if you purchase the deluxe edition; however, the fine print states they are for pre-order only.


I purchased this product on face value. The advertisement states I would have access to all the things with green ticks if I purchased the Deluxe edition. It is rude and deceptive to conceal elements of the game I paid for through the use of fine print AND OR attempting to manipulate me in to purchasing a subscription for things I do not want to access things I have paid for via Origin Acess.


I would be happy if it clearly stated "PRE-ORDER ONLY" next to each item. However you did not advertise that way, therefore, give me what I paid for.


If I am not happy with your response I will consider reporting my situation to the Australian Ombudsman as this does not represent a clear and lawful transaction, where a customer purchases a product based on what it is advertised to do and the business provides that product. Had this occurred on the the high street I would probably be demanding my money back as I do not like being deceived out of principle and I have paid a considerable amount to play this game.


Kind regards.

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Re: Unable to access advertised content for BFV

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@Sneaky_Stoat Always read the fine print ;-). An Origin Access subscription is not required when purchasing a game, although it is displayed rather prominently when trying to purchase a game that is included in the subscription. There's always a "Buy Now" button among the options that will bypass Access.
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