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They Are Billions - missing content

by DawsonHolmesUK

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They Are Billions - missing content

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Hi EA,


After speaking with one of your customer service reps online, I was asked to flag up the fact that some content appears to be missing from Origin's version of the game "They Are Billions".


Menu Screen shows that the version of the game held on Origin is v0.10.11 - the patch notes say that as of v0.10.0, there should be a Level Editor and whole bunch of new game/map options available through the Menu Screen. Unfortunately, none of these are present (I've attached a screenshot of the Menu Screen for reference).


I've checked a little further and while the installation folder has a Launch Editor.bat file within it, this doesn't actually lead to anything. The directory also has an Editor folder, but again, there's nothing in this.


Is there any chance the missing content can be made available through Origin? Currently, I'd have to access the game through Steam to play the updated version Frown





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