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Paypal not excepted ?

by Xxiled

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Paypal not excepted ?

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First time Origin has not excepted Paypal when I attempt to purchase a game. Tried to purchase the 99 dollar access for Anthem and Origin will not except. Maybe this is divine intervention...?

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Re: Paypal not excepted ?

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It is more likely you do not have a credit card linked to your PayPal account.


This is required for recurring subscription charges.



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Re: Paypal not excepted ?

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Firstly, I do have and have had for over 10 years a credit card linked to a perfectly working Papal account.
Secondly, I tried to purchase the game in preorder....then I tried to purchase it in Premier …
Thirdly, I followed the links to link my Paypal to EA payment and it still didn't work...
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Re: Paypal not excepted ?

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i wanted to upgrade from basic to premier because of Anthem. I tried several time and changed payment methods. My paypal has no linked credit card, but at long last it was successful, money was transferred and i played most of Sunday. Since Monday i can't login anymore. Might this be related?

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