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Re: Paying via Paypal Account

by JammerrLammy

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Paying via Paypal Account

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I just made a new Origin account and I'm unable to add a paypal debit card or account to my Origin account. I can fill in the information about my card but when I submit the information the page practically refreshes page and does nothing. It doesn't even open up a window about why it won't work. I just does nothing.

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Re: Paying via Paypal Account

Community Manager

@JammerrLammy Hi, from the sounds of things this may be a browser or blocker issue. 

Can you try using a different browser, ideally one without extensions/add-ons, and try again?

If the issue persists can I check your region? Are you using any VPN or proxy?


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Re: Paying via Paypal Account

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Hello, I am sorry for not responding sooner I was away from home for a few days. I just now tried 2 other different browsers (Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge). Both to no avail. I am fine with you checking my region and I do not think that I am using a VPN nor proxy.

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