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Origin access vault issue- 4k display

by xXCarterkaneXx

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Origin access vault issue- 4k display

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seems ive come across a new issue with origin and im at a loss


just signed up for origin access, but cant download any of the games due to the origin app begin to flicker rapidly on each box (advertising each game) once i load up the vault page of the client.


the normal origin page and store work fine via the client


i am on a 4k display and the only other case i can find about this happening was back in 2017, with the only fix being running the app i a windows smaller screen.


i have tried reinstalling my drivers as well as reinstalling origin, neither fixed the issue... i also attempted going back a branch with my nvidia drivers which didnt fix it as well...


hoping someone can help as this makes what is supposed to be a awesome service kinda frustrating 

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