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Re: Origin Access is Amazing

by Lloydahaha

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Origin Access is Amazing

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Not really a question but I just want to commend EA for what they are doing with Origin Access. 


EA went from last year's Battlefront controversy, where players felt cheated and unsatisfied with their product, to Origin Access, which is basically a Netflix-like service for EA games that has an unbelievable value for money. This is a complete 180 and absolutely the best thing that any game publisher has come up with for years. Prior to purchasing Origin Access, I had basically only bought one FIFA game and one Madden game, and that's all I ever bought from EA, as I heard about their shady tactics and anti-consumer practices in their games. And sure, there is still many issues with both FIFA and Madden games, which I will not get into. But seeing Origin Access for the first time, and realizing that not only could I buy both games for a year (which is how long they last for anyway) but I get the ultimate deluxe gold super elite edition of both games, as well as 129 other games and counting, and even early access to new games, like Battlefield, made me want to immediately drop my credit card details faster than I've ever dropped them for any steam sale.


EA has been a bad company for a while now, but this is how you turn your reputation around. You listened to your fan base, you started to cut down on stupid corporate tactics, like lootboxes tied to gameplay (however both FIFA and Madden have yet to cut down on this), and you started to offer your users and consumers a deal that quite frankly feels almost too good to be true (Origin Access). EA has gotten some deserved "constructive" criticism for many years now, but I have to give them some positive criticism when its due, and if they continue down this path, they might actually be one of the more consumer friendly gaming publishers on the planet. Just please focus on improving both FIFA and Madden by giving more development time for both games (2 years instead of just 1) and fix the card pack system that is alienating many players and voila, you've just gone from worst company in America, to the best.


So I say this very sincerely, thank you EA, for starting to change your ways for the better.

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Re: Origin Access is Amazing

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Hey there,


Can't believe you haven't received a reply to your comment yet! Maybe it's because giving EA kudos is somewhat outside of the current norm.. Wink


I'm glad to hear you're enjoying Origin Access. If at anytime you've feedback about your experience or how we can make it better, we'd love to know.


I'll pass on your FIFA and Madden comments as well.


Kind regards,


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Re: Origin Access is Amazing

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I have just bought Origin Access around 15 minutes ago or so, and I haven't been given access to any games and everytime I click get the game it just gives the Origin Access thing. Even when i click the basic one (the one what i have) It just says i am already a member and doesnt let me do anything with it other then use discounts. Any help?


Thank you.

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