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Re: Origin Access & Prepaid Card

by Reborn-Berteso

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Re: Origin Access & Prepaid Card

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It probably will never happen, they will allow you to purchase a game with a prepaid card because I have done many times. The reason behind this decision is that people forget to unsubscribe to things and EA is fully aware of how much money subscribers give away from laziness and forgetfulness, its a pandemic lol. Just use your card to by an email delivery cash card an pay with your ea wallet.

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Re: Origin Access & Prepaid Card

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Yes, you are able to use your EA Wallet (via EA Cash Cards) to purchase Origin Access in selection regions. Check this article to find out if this payment method is available in your region:


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Re: Origin Access & Prepaid Card

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To annyone still having this issue, you can hook up your Prepaid Card with Paypall and then saved that paypall acc as a payment method and that will work.


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Re: Origin Access & Prepaid Card

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Doesn't work even that way, i mean paypal.. The motivation given by ea for not allowing prepaid cards for recurring subscriptions is ridicolous, because even netflix that has a recurring subscription allows paid card. Get on and modify this absurdity. I add that you can't limit all the people just for 2 rets that try to blame you because they don't remember to deactivate the subscription. it's the same for amazon prime and such, You should really think twice before taking such restrictive measures damaging everyone. Today there are means that remember things for you, like setting one day before the expiration that you have to deactivate it. It's not hard. PREPAID CARD ACCEPTANCE FOR EA ACCESS IS ABSOLUTELY A PRIORITY, you must reconsider your actions and how many people really benefit and how many are damaged. I say way more prople are damaged than benefitted. A decision can always be changed, and since it's not a law but just a decision taken (thinking to do good, but infact you did bad to most of us), it's time to change it. EA you can be blamed for lot of things, but not for the stupidity of people.

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