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I can't get my games

by XlIThatGirIIX

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I can't get my games

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I have every sims 3 expansion pack and I downloaded all of them on to my origin account. About a year ago my old computer got a virus on it and I couldn't get into my computer at all so I wasn't able to play any of my sims games or access my origin account. Now a year later I get a new computer and the first thing I did was log in to origin now keep in mind I haven't been able to use it for a year almost and it took me a few tries to get in because I couldn't remember my stuff. Finally I get logged in and I go to my games and none of my sims 3 games are there. So I go and get all my games and I was going to just re-enter all the codes, well that didn't work at all, it told me that they where already used. So I start to think maybe I have another origin account that has all of them on it, so I start to try every email I have with every password I could think of and nothing worked. All I want is to just be able to get access to and play all of my sims 3 expansions packs. If there is any way that I can get them back to be able to play them please let me know.

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