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How to get people to buy early access instantly

by exphrasis

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How to get people to buy early access instantly

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This is a small suggestion but please would it be possible to add a ' play trial' button directly on the game library, and not have to go in origin access exclusively ? 
The train of thought behind this, is first, people like me that have Origin access that way know that they can already play it ( I had no idea the trial was out for BF2, and had to find out on a youtube video...not cool).
And second, people that are really excited about it but are unaware of what the service does, can directly see when clicking on a game they're excited about that for only 5$ they can actually play the game right now. 

TL;DR, place directly a 'play trial' button in the game library, not just in Origin Access, and link to a subscribe ad when you click on it for people that aren't subscribers yet. 

Many thanks ! 

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