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Game details in new window in Origin client?

by zoffixznet

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Game details in new window in Origin client?

★★★★ Newbie

Is there a keyboard shortcut or some button I'm not seeing that would open the game details in a new tab/window?


Currently, in Origin client, I go to "Browse Games", then select my filters, then scroll through the list until I see something that catches my interest. Then, my only option seems to be to left click the game; middle or right clicking does nothing. Once I left click the game, I get to the game details page. At this point, I want to go back to my filtered list to continue browsing the games, and I use one of those angle bracket buttons on top left corner. That lands me back to the VERY TOP of my filtered list, and I have to scroll through this clunky, laggy list of games from the very start all over again.


How to open game details in a new window or at least go back to the same position in my filtered game list? Is there a web page I could browse in a normal browser instead of Origin client?


I feel like I'm ready to buy Premier Access and I want to see what games it includes, but this awful browsing experience is really annoying me...

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Re: Game details in new window in Origin client?

Community Manager

Thanks for taking the time to post and share your feedback @zoffixznet

I will pas it on to the Origin team.


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