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Battlefield 4 premium pass after Origin acces

by Dogma096

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Battlefield 4 premium pass after Origin acces

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Back in september I played BF4 with origin acces, so I had battlefield 4 premium activitated. In that same period there was a promotion for free battlefield 4 premium pass. I tried to use the promotion but I couldn't because I had already premium. So I thought if people get it free, I will keep my premium after Origin acces. But that wasn't the case.


Now I want to buy and play BF4 again.. But now I lost my premium acces? Even thought in same period people could get it for free but not for origin acces members? 


Any possible way to get it back? 



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Re: Battlefield 4 premium pass after Origin acces

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Origin Access works seperately from what you actually own on your account. What you should've done is actually going into the store back then and 'buy' the premium. But as you mentioned it was stated you already owned this. The thing is, in Origin you can upgrade/downgrade your game version. This is something to keep in mind next time with games who you buy DLC for or already own some for. To be able to claim such content to make it your own you have to downgrade your game.

I had to learn this with BFV when I used Origin Access as I couldn't play BFV at all after the access ended.
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