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Re: Spam?

by TheAngerWithIn

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Why was my post post removed as spam? It was only the second post I ever made. 

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Re: Spam?

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What was it about?

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Re: Spam?

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Re: Spam?

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14 day ban
From:Community Manager 
Sent: ‎03-23-2019 12:02 PM

Hey there,


 you have received a14 day ban for discussing moderation after being banned in past for same.

If this continues then further action will be taken.

Question them and u get ban =3 . they are trying to silence people who question them beware. also, this message will get remove and i will get another round of ban but who cares I'm just gonna get this out anyway. 

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Re: Spam?

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@Penitent wrote:

Why was my post post removed as spam? It was only the second post I ever made. 

Did you include links to outside websites?  Two or more?  One I wrote just yesterday which did include two links to outside sources, one being to Youtube, was immediately flagged as spam and not posted.  Perhaps they no longer want to be a bridge for outside adverts attached to the linked page.  


It could also be that they have altered to spam catcher to censor post based on certain new keywords.  I'm just being paranoid.  Google "EA Answers HQ flagged as spam" and it will pull up results of others getting their post flag.  Within a couple or more, you will find community manager responses with a solution to raise the attention level on it, and hopefully get the flag removed sooner rather than have it stuck in a reviewing queue.


Update:  My post which was originally filed in the spam review queue, has been determined to not be spam and released for viewing.  So, there is a little administrative delay there, but I wouldn't worry.  They say sometimes the spam filter gets a little trigger happy.  After viewing my linked page again, I think I will edit, remove the link and just summarize it instead. The content of the article is right on target, but there are just too many adverts tied to it.  

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