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So much potential yet lacks so content

by HempMachine

Original Post

So much potential yet lacks so content

★★★★ Novice

As many players will have found like many more I have spoken with. this game has an amazing potential to be one of the best on the market. with its stunning game play and unique environment.

However at the moment the game is massively lacking on the content as most players like myself have done everything there is to do in the game only a week or two after release including max power level. 

The game has become very repetitive and there is no real variety in missions contracts or free play  all of they feel like you are doing the same thing over and over again. 

The release schedule over the next few months looks promising but I still feel it will lack content the game should have been released with March and April's content!

I understand that there are many bugs and technical issues that are being solved as they are with most big game release this is not so much the issue at the moment for the gamers it's the lack content. 

Out of my group of 12 gamer's from release only 3 remains playing in hope the game will improve. 

My question i's go EA have a dedicated team of gamers assigned to games to improve the games experience and find new ideas not just some guys in the office that play it for an hour or so I mean real gamers like us that play for 12 hour's or more a day just for fun?  If not that is what you need to get the most out of your games to grip the gamers make them want to log on every day. Listening to the community is good but a lot of the suggestions will be pointless or from casual gamers that have not played the game enough.

I really hope that something is done for the content soon before the game ends up dead would be a real same to let this go to waste!


If you need a team of real gamers email me 


Ps. why do stronghold bosses not drop legendary loot? 



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Re: So much potential yet lacks so content

★★★★★ Novice

I will keep it short and i do agree that more content will be needed soon. April i believe we get a new stronghold and May is Catacalysms. 

As for Stronghold Bosses not dropping Legendary loot, it can.. It is just RNG like almost every other game sadly. There is reason to not make it so easy to get though even if it could be frustrating at times

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Re: So much potential yet lacks so content

★★★★ Novice

Not only that I’m affraid.


All these monsters are the same, higher level only gives them more health and dmg. Why not make Some extra changes:

- looks, higher lvl nerds a more impressive look

- guns, change up their guns, maybe work more with elements on their guns

- increase their skill 

- increase the numbers we face

- creatie Unique minibosses for in between, give them a name and some special skills 


as for players 

- more jav parts, variety is low, price is high

- change up skills, you make them stronger, (if you’re lucky with legendary rolls), why not change them up. Why is venomous blaze not green? It invokes acid status, its a small change in the color schemes. Gives it a little extra. Same for black ice, why doesn’t it have a blackish ray? Walk across the different skills and tweak them a little.


The skills also seem to have weird timers and dmg, the number of charges cant be found in the stats


- maybe do a little more with status effects, try to find something so you can combine them with different classes, to enhance coop experience.


- give us something to determine the damage output for everything, maybe check monsterhunter so you can see how, lots of the players like stuff like that, also maybe this finally can give us some insight on how the damage works, because at this point, dmg done feels random. This way we can see the different effects of ice, lightning, flames on different kinds of armor, shield, health, stuff like that. 



- More strongholds, include something the makes players wanna play all the strongholds and not just the one with the lowest runtime, maybe a special reward for completing all 3 as a daily challenge or weekly, increase the rewards for completing boss fights, bring runtimes closer together. 


- make world events more fun and interactive, why not have some scarabs and dominion fighting, but more like a little war, some kind of special world event. Maybe include special paths that you can take, which differ evertyime, that can lead you to special places or monsters to fight,


- free play feels boring at this point, you just fly around towards a cave, unless you come across a world event. Your backpack fills up in no time at all.


- just make the whole storyline available


- where are the cataclysms? 



These are just some minor things which I can think of on the spot.


this game can reach great heights, but seriously, get your stuff together. The game can out with a * of bugs, which everyone discovered in 1 hour of playtime, this was the same for each following update. Either get a team to test this, or fire the one you have, because this wasn’t tested. 


Please step up your game, don’t give us a 4 extra missions, which we already have played and 1 stronghold in 2 months time. This is a time path you can take when you have loads of content upon release, and you definitely do not have that.


If you want to win people over make some changes, what you’re running with now ain’t gonna make the cut.


I do hope someday anthem will be nearly as good as the trailer promised.







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Re: So much potential yet lacks so content

★★★★★ Novice

Catacalysms are supposed to be in May.

And it is sounding like tomorrow is a bug fix update and later in the month is content. 

Looks like closer to the end of April but just speculation.


It is a shame as the game desperately needs more content

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Re: So much potential yet lacks so content

★★★★ Novice

These Strongholds needs unique rewards. Like Armor sets, graphics, decals, emotes, banners, components.... what is the point to add another stronghold if the loot table is exactly same again.


I feel like I´m playing a placeholder, there is supposed to be a game here in the future.

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Re: So much potential yet lacks so content

★★ Apprentice
Wow, that’s exactly my point, legendary enemies have or must start dropping legendary loot. With Anthems progression from Epic, MasterWork to a Legendary Javelin. The loot drop must get 100% better. Because why would players continue to play a game that doesn’t better our Javelins abilities or different abilities.
I used to play Anthem for like 6 hours a day since launch, but it’s only a couple of hours.
I know that BioWare and EA can fix this ASAP. I have my reasons why to say that.
Hopefully Anthem gets better sooner then later.
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Re: So much potential yet lacks so content

★★ Apprentice
Along with legendary loot drops. Because this will make our javelins stronger and better for the next strongholds.
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Re: So much potential yet lacks so content

★★★★ Novice

The loot drops are difficult, which doesn’t bother me at all (commonly dropping legendary items mean legendary=common), it’s just that it’s completely random. Ie. I need a component upgrade. Where do I farm? Just randomly kill stuff for hours and hope for the best. Give higher chances for loot types based on the mission/zone/enemy type and I’m good. Need a weapon? Kill scars. Ability gear? Dominion. That kind of thing. 


As for your player/developer relations, go to the Xbox store and look up the feed on a game called “Deep Rock Galactic”. Do that and you’ll find your players will be much more patient. 


Love the game. Can’t wait until your fixes gain momentum. Keep it up!

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