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Dragon Age 4? You buying? Yes, Maybe or No?

by ComeWithMeKitty

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Dragon Age 4? You buying? Yes, Maybe or No?

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Will Bioware's performance in not delivering a finished Anthem at release (Feb 22, 2019) and for nearly three months following, cause you to doubt that they will deliver a well-done and completed Dragon Age 4?


Will you be pre-ordering, buying it at release, Undecided or definitely not purchasing it in light of your experiences with Anthem?


Will, you Ever...touch another Bioware product when it is released?  Will you hold off on a release purchase until others have run the gauntlet and give it an overall success?  Or are you just Run'n Done (been there, done this and that failure, and never again) with Bioware period...and never going back there?


My personal thoughts on the above?


1)  Yes, it has seriously caused me to doubt if they will complete a product in the coming and foreseeable future.


2)  Will I...on any upcoming releases?  I without any hesitation, will not be buying a Dragon Age 4, especially if the same developer's hands from Anthem were involved in the development of a DA4.  You haven't finished Anthem and shipped it anyway, and now you're off on another charade and expect me to be interested?  I think that title has played itself out.  Looking at the list of DA DLC it is obvious that you are more interested in "Darkspawning" the perpetual money train of DownLoaded Content than you are in delivering a completed and well-polished Anthem to its fans, whom by the way, you have already received payment from.


3)  In light of what I was expecting (had high praise for Bioware), what I paid versus what I actually received (shoddily developed, and incomplete game), will I ever touch another Bioware product?  If you received any other product or service, in the condition as we have received Anthem, would you go back to that manufacturer or product line again?  I have to treat this on the same level as all other product or services I have acquired for the cost.  My answer is No.  It will take the consensus of the gaming community's opinion after they have played a Bioware game from start to end and again, giving it a definite thumbs up before I will ever consider changing my decision on purchasing a Bioware title again.

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Re: Dragon Age 4? You buying? Yes, Maybe or No?

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Having preordered Andromeda and Anthem, I have learnt my lesson.


I will not preorder DA4, or buy it on release. I’m planning to wait a couple of months and see what consistent reviews say.


too many half baked games with a premium price tag.

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Re: Dragon Age 4? You buying? Yes, Maybe or No?

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1) No, because Dragon Age is not Anthem. With Anthem, they were trying to do a whole bunch of new things, while also attempting to launch an entirely different IP. Dragon Age is an established franchise. It would be much harder to screw up DA4.


2) Pre-orders don’t get charged until a couple weeks before launch anyway, and can be canceled any time up to that time. You can also get a full refund within 24 hours of first launching the game, if I recall correctly, if the game falls under the Great Game Guarantee (which I’m sure DA4 will). As such, I see no reason not to pre-order a Bioware game ever.


3) I loved Anthem and I loved Andromeda. If I had waited on the internet critics to give their approval before buying those games, I probably never would have given them a try in the first place. As far as I’m concerned, Bioware has a track record of being good at stuff that matters to me: world building, storytelling, character writing, etc. To me, that alone is worth buying their games. To some, that’s just filler that stands between them and the loot (which I personally couldn’t care much less for). Different people like different things, which is why I’m not going to form my opinions based off of theirs in this case.

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Re: Dragon Age 4? You buying? Yes, Maybe or No?


I'll certainly play DA4.

Whether I'll play at release or later will depend on personal circumstances as always.

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