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Community Cortex | Week 5 Icetide Update

by AnthemAJ

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Community Cortex | Week 5 Icetide Update

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Hello again, Freelancers! We hope you all had a happy holidays indeed, and while some of us might still be getting up to speed again in 2020, we do hope you've had some extra time to spend in Bastion on your various holiday breaks.


As for us, we’re rested and excited, but we haven’t been dormant. Icetide continues and we’re ready to face the cold with you. Have you been enjoying it thus far? Be sure to let us know! You have no idea just how valuable your feedback is to us.


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Additionally, lore stories have resumed, penned from our talented storycrafters. Look out for the next one this Thursday, but be sure to catch up on the one that just went live over the break: Korox in the Box. It’s a poem about Icetide, though there are no red sleighs or eight tiny reindeer like in the ones you might be used to.


There’s so much that we haven’t explored with you yet, even just about characters you know (and don’t know). It’s always nice to get to share some of those little bits when the right occasion arises. We hope you enjoy these pieces as much as we enjoy making them!


With that, let’s get into the details for this week, which will update on Tuesday, January 7th.


Week Five

This week, the The Sunken returns as the next weekly Stronghold with its two unique challenges: Thin Ice (Daily) and Cracked Ice (Weekly).


Store Refreshes

These are the store refreshes for this coming week.


Seasonal Store

Items: Crystals:
War Chest: Legendary Component 5000
War Chest: Legendary Weapon 5000
War Chest: Legendary 5000
War Chest: Legendary Ranger 5000
War Chest: Legendary Storm 5000
Wrap: Fractured Twilight 4000
War Chest: Legendary Interceptor 5000
War Chest: Legendary Colossus 5000
Graphic: Purple Spire 2300


Featured Store Items

Items: Coin: Shards:
7 Jan 12PM UTC to 10 Jan 12PM UTC    
Wrap: Ice Breaker 61,000 850
Wrap: Winter's Warrior 61,000 850
Drums 23,000 475
Decal: Frozen Hunter 6,000 200
Graphic: Winter Coat 23,000 475
Leather: Tread 12,000 300
10 Jan 12PM UTC to 14 Jan 12PM UTC    
Reaper Armor Pack 61,000 850
Exalted Armor Pack 61,000 850
Decal: Frosted Assault 6,000 200
Graphic: Feral Cold 23,000 475
Painted: Geometric Sun 12,000 300
Thank You 12,000 300
Leaderboard Results
As we missed a few weeks due to the holidays, here are the top scores from weeks 2-4:
Week 2
PC (18,358,354 total points):
  • DatReliableGuy
  • Bomboom2
  • Grayfenix
  • JRSVengeance
Xbox One (14,432,204 total points):
  • Soggy028
  • NynaeveSedai506
  • Maliceschaos
  • Nutmeg1729
PlayStation 4 (14,356,258 total points):
  • killshot101010
  • trexlol92
  • DOgore2003
  • LukasSkinner8869
Week 3
PC (15,655,208 total points):
  • DatReliableGuy
  • Bomboom2
  • Grayfenix
  • JRSVengeance
Xbox One (15,109,884 total points):
  • Oblivion GOA
  • Scooter GoA
  • xLems OG GoA
PlayStation 4 (15,235,228 total points):
  • Debo
  • HotStuffN
  • KeepNitSurreal
  • VanDerHaag
Week 4
PC (17,674,962 total points):
  • LYL1026
  • Douyu-6441077
  • shenge886
  • Captainchaoc
Xbox One (16,829,300 total points):
  • Sublime GOA
  • Chaco GoA
  • Scooter GoA
  • xLems OG GoA
PlayStation 4 (16,842,960 total points):
  • Smile-man64
  • emil051007
  • Asura-god-
  • JoeyTyke


Be sure to let us know what you think of Icetide so far! We'd love to know your thoughts on it, so feel free to share your feedback with us HERE.


Until next time, happy new year!


—Anthem Community Team

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