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Anthem Known Issues – 5/28/2019

by BW_Darokaz

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Anthem Known Issues – 5/28/2019

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EA Community Manager

Below are a list of known issues that the team is investigating, or are currently working on a fix for.


  • Players getting stuck at End of Expedition screen (have to skip results)
  • Players able to be downed while using their ultimate ability
  • Some challenges still aren’t tracking properly, such as “Legendary Freelancer”
  • Weapons sometimes not firing where they are aimed
  • Can’t talk to NPCs who have speech bubbles above their head in Fort Tarsis
  • Auto rez after a boss is defeated not always working
  • Health bar randomly disappearing on final boss in Sunken Cell Stronghold
  • Can’t choose Stronghold/Missions again from end of expedition screen after completing one
  • Armor issues (both display and actual)
  • Trophies/Achievements not popping when conditions to earn them have been met
  • DLSS Screen Freeze - For PC players with DLSS enabled, if they play an Arcanist Secrets world quest during freeplay, the screen will freeze upon interacting with the vault. The UI updates, but their exo and the world are stuck in place. During this time, the user is free to move around and play, but nothing will change on screen until the timer is done, at which point everything recovers.
  • Slower Salvaging after update 1.1.0 - Fixed
  • Values incorrect on most masterwork and legendary items/weapons (values very low – display issue only) - Fixed

Please note that this is not everything that the team is working on, this is just a list of some of more frequently reported player issues. If you have additional bugs you are encountering please report them here on Answers HQ so that the team can properly investigate them.


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