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Oct 17 Server Patch!

by EA_David

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Oct 17 Server Patch!

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Hello Legends!


A Server Patch rolled out this afternoon and is currently live on all platforms! You do not need to download an update for this one.


Notes below from Respawn.


Things getting fixed/updated today:

  • Quips during Drop Ship

  • Initial Circle Fixed (Won't get caught outside the circle when it starts)

  • Charge Rifle Update - Balance Update mentioned @ 3:25 in the DevStream

    • Increasing amount of ammo used per shot (Confirmed to use 3 Energy Ammo Per Shot)

    • Changing the mag size

      • No Extended Mag = 9 Ammo (3 Shots)

      • Level 1 Extended Mag = 12 Ammo (4 Shots)

      • Level 2 Extended Mag = 15 Ammo (5 Shots)

      • Level 3 Extended Mag = 18 Ammo (6 Shots)

Charge Rifle Fall-off Damage Change

Hey all, we got official clarification from Respawn about Fall-Off Damage, below is what they've told us:

The Charge Rifle falls off from 90 damage total (ticks + final shot) to 60 damage total (ticks + final shot).

Before the update, it used to do 90 damage @ 300m to 60 damage @ 500m, but now it does 90 damage @ 250m to 60 damage @ 400m.

We are still watching how this works out in-game this week to see if it changes player habit in any way. We'll also be looking at the stats and see if we need to update it further.

Thanks for being patient with us while we get official information!


We have updated the bullet points with specifics that we've gathered in regards to Charge Rifle updates.

You can follow bug tracking and updates on the Apex Tracker Trello Board.

Respawn has been combing through the Season 3 Bug Megathread and working through issues. Run into a bug? Post it here so they can check it out!

The Season 3 patch notes can be found here.



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