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How to Report Players

by EA_David

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How to Report Players

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Apex Legends is a place for you to join forces with other players where you can express yourself, your individuality, and have fun. But it’s not just your space, it’s everyone’s. Harassing, bullying, threatening, offending, or any toxic behavior towards others is not acceptable—ever. That’s why we’ve recently updated Apex Legends with a way for you to report toxicity in-game.


When you sign up for your EA Account, you agree to play by fair rules. We’re counting on you to keep toxicity out of the dropship, the ring, and everywhere in between. Read more about how we're building healthy communities for all gamers.




Post match you can report players using the button listed at the bottom of the screen.

Apex post-match death recap.PNG


After choosing to report a player, we’ll ask you  to choose a reason for reporting. 

Apex initial reporting selection.png


If you select Cheating, we’ll ask you to pick from a list of common cheating behaviors. 

Apex cheating reporting section.png


If you pick Other, we’ll  send you to the player’s Origin page. 

Apex player reporting page.png


From here you can pick from a list of reasons you’re reporting this player. 

Apex reporting player's Origin page.png

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