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Unplayable online due to lag

by Xandu77

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Re: Unplayable online due to lag

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This really is disgusting. I play on the PC (which the pc version, btw, is a joke of a port. seriously EA?) The lag is unbearable. I race with a guy who is litteraly down the hall from me and he is all over the place on my screen. not only that, but the game gets me stuck when the map randomly refuses to load the rest of the landscape. I'm done with this game until it gets fixed, or i want a refund. And I downloaded this crap, too. better get my money back.

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Re: Unplayable online due to lag

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Patch 2 on Xbox 360 did nothing for the lag issues... if anything it is worse. Before fixing issues with host migration and lost SP they should have worked on fixing the network code to make the game playable online... it is after all an online game! I have never played an online racing / driving game with this bad lag. I understand that Ghost is a new studio so I am willing to give them some slack, but bearing in mind that they are backed by DICE and the elite crew at Criterion Games this is very disappointing.

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Re: Unplayable online due to lag

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Why hasn't ea mentioned this big problem on their known issues page? It's almost as if they are trying to hide this massive problem! Not good enough ea!
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Re: Unplayable online due to lag

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That's NFS Rivals Complete 1000g, now to wait for the multi-player to get fixed... trying to kill an Invisible Friend was hard to get for my lash 'cheivo too.

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Re: Unplayable online due to lag

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So still no fix yet? Half a game and now the game in stores is almost half price, shame I didn't wait a week or two to buy it..

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Re: Unplayable online due to lag

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Tried the game online again yesterday. Still does not work as it should online. Can now see other players most of the time, but it is still out of sync.

Instead of working on new content Ghost Games should make sure what they have already released works.

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Re: Unplayable online due to lag

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So is NFS:Rivals going to get fixed or are we all using the EA guarantee?

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Re: Unplayable online due to lag/ game save lost twice

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 Sorry Long winded. But I am miffed Frown


I decided to try out NFS:Rivals on the Xbox One. It looks visually better, though harder to control as I get use to the control thumbs sticks being longer on the controller.


This game seems more stable, since the update on the 360 version and seems to work here too. I can see my friends for longer and can race them in selected events in the game while playing in a friends only room. Though they disappear sometimes. Still egt Lag jumps and frame rate drops etc, but Visually a better game Standard smile.


What I found on the Xbox One and it can happen on the 360, is if you turn off the game without going back to the Hideout/Command Centres you can lose your progress. So I learned very early on to make sure I go back to save at these points, even to the point of changing faction and going back into the game to assure another save. 


I know that I had a rage quit moment, the day before due to me being lvl 4 heat but getting treated like a lvl 20 heat and getting killed as soon as I started an event, so I think that may explain why I lost most of my progress the first time ,only had 3 events to do to get lvl 60 skilll in the Racer.


So while with a firend I did 8 more events again to get to lvl 61 got the achievement again for lvl 60 racer. Mucked about with said firend, he left and I got a host migration, which put me in an open lobby, (odd mind because as I was in a friends only room, and my settings are set up for friends only when being in a racer, plus I had that friend to play with etc). 


So my firend is gone, so I start spending 4.5 million SP on cars, I still not got the 10 cars bought and moded achievement, and end up with 9 cars, but all are maxed out and even bought a few paint job/wraps for some cars, did their paint jobs, had a nice metalic green with pinkish striped Ford GT Standard smile And even named some more license plates, not that those save at all which really is a pain btw. I then go back in to the game with 'an open room' and go drive about and collect all the jumps and speed cameras and speed over time event/sections, Even get caught up in a race and even do a head to head with a player, who I just left behind, Standard smile.


So as far as I am concerned I finish all 'Racer stuff'.


Anyhew, I drive about a bit then  change faction since I am in an open game, to cop, I have only done the one event, but I go and see if I can mess some other players up, just driving near by, giving chase but not really taking them out though one guy got to critical when I Shock Ramed him but I let him limp back to the Hideout.


I finish a cop car list, go back get another, which is get two spike strip hits, so I follow some AI racer and drop spikes on them, no hits at all, so I try on the real racers, no hits, but some some good races and crashing and alot of stuff going on so I go to DVR to save some get crash moments, it does not save save? which btw happens more than I like, as I missed a video where I try to Shock Wave a Chopper in mid air a few times, but fails to record. (thinking of doing Twitch and getting a external DVR, just so I know I caught some of the mad stuff).


So I go back to Command centre, after driving around for a little bit more. To make sure I get a Save and even switch Faction and go into a game then quit by going to 'dash' and go to Forza 5 read some msg's and think about going to play Burnout Revenge on the 360, looking at my friends list. But no I go back to NFS:Rivals, and do somemore cop stuff. And Now I'm back to being a lvl 57 Racer and my cop career is back to the 2nd event?!?


I check overwatch and it says I lvl 61 all complete I refresh and I'm lvl 57 racer again?!?


Having to do the second to last  set of SP lists for racer again (they are large over time events, with regular going back to the hideout to save progress, i don't mess about much though I need  150k and 250k in Speed Points for these event too) after I had to do it again  is more than frustrating.


It is a fail on the part Of EA Ghost Games Criterion Games and Xbox/Microsoft, to have these problems after a game has been out more than 5 months, and going by what I have read here and else where, there is still alot of problems with games that came out in the fourth quarter last year.


They are all failing to get it sorted. 


Game are supposed to be fun most of the time, but they are supposed to work out of the box and in a machine that supposed to save it. 


This is Next Gen, but I getting last Gen ago problems, then again 2 Gens agao, game saves were on a cart and worked!


This original post has been seen by over  900 people some even have the same problem, other posts other than the we need a steering wheel patch also talk about game play  not right, game save fail, over watch don't work right etc. This game is broke! And there is lot of posts and all from around the World.


So EA for shame on you fix these problems, and test before release.


I've done the first OW challenge 3 times on the One and refreshed and still don't move on from that event, I had please turn around to start event, got that  last night come to think about it even though I know I'm right way facing to start the events?


On the 360 I have done all the Challenges for Overwatch but still no 'extra car unlock'? 


So maybe the Title of this post should be 'Don't Buy This Game, Till you hear from someone Official and say we Fixed it !because It's Broken!!

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Re: Unplayable online due to lag

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Please solve this EA. It's so much irritating. I just don't know what to do about it. Help please!

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Re: Unplayable online due to lag

Community Manager (retired)



Try the following solution (PC Users.)



[PC] - Freezing Crashing or Slow Motion



If you’ve noticed the performance of your game slowing down, try temporarily disabling Origin In Game in your Origin Application Settings. This should resolve the issue:
To do this,

  1. Launch the Origin client.
  2. Go to the Origin menu, Application Settings, select Origin In Game,
  3. Uncheck "Enable Origin In Game"






If the issue persists try these troubleshooting steps:



  • Update your drivers
    Check for driver updates especially for your video/graphic card

  • Anti-virus programs / Download Management Applications
    Please make sure they are not running and scanning while you are playing

  • Background programs
    Just perform a Clean Boot and test the game performances.

    The Clean Boot process disables many background tasks that may be causing interference.

    Launch the game only just after the clean boot (nothing else.)

  • Try the windowed mode
    If you can play normally in windowed mode, then this issue is likely due to the screen resolution, you'll just need to adjust this setting. Launch the game and press Alt + enter simultaneously in order to trigger the windowed mode.


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