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Need for Speed Rivals Origin Account

by afcc13

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Need for Speed Rivals Origin Account

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So I bought Need for Speed Rivals for the PS4 and I want to use the Overwatch feature so I can unlock all cars and "skins"...Problem is the e-mail in my Origin Account is so old is not even active anymore! And I don't know the password so I can't change it either! I was about 2 hours in and then I erased all save files to see if I could restart with another Origin Account that I just created but....NO, it logs in automatically in my old one!
Is there a way to change my e-mail through another way or can I at least login with my different account?

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Re: Need for Speed Rivals Origin Account

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Have you tried loggin in to Origin from your webbrowser and manage your account from there?

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Re: Need for Speed Rivals Origin Account

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how do you mage your acoount

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Re: Need for Speed Rivals Origin Account

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If you are unable to change your account details yourself then please contact our EA Advisors via EA Help and they will see if they can change it for you.


To setup your contact via EA Help first start with selecting your country or language. If your country or language isn't listed then select either United States or United Kingdom.



Now follow the numbered steps as shown in the picture. If you are unable to login you will also be able to create an anonymous case at this point.




  • The final page doesn't load? press F5 on your keyboard to reload the page or try another browser.
  • You get no contact options? you are most likely trying to contact the selected channel outside of operating hours.
  • Your country isn't listed on EA Help? use a voIP program such as Skype to contact our UK channel via +44 203 0141818.



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